Matt and Hayley: Love at First Sight?

This is the first book in a planned series about two 12 year olds who meet for the first time. Simple tale but with a twist... Is Hayley all that she seems?


1. First Sight


“So I told my parents, ‘I don’t give a crap!’”

I was sat in my normal seat, one away from Stus (shortened from Molestus which in Latin is annoying, which his parentss predicted him to be), who, as usual, was telling us what went on last night. He has a highly exciting life. :-) Anyway, in between us, is an empty seat. I’ve asked Mrs Wixen if I can move there a million times. She always says no because, apparently, we can’t be trusted to sit next to each other sensibly (she was talking about us boys). I said there was no one sat there anyway, so there’s no difference, and she gave me a detention for cheek. She’s alright Mrs Wixen, but sometimes she’s a right pain. If she’s in a good mood, she lets us have big ties and have our top buttons undone, but on a bad day, it’s ‘perfect uniform!’

She was in a weirdly good mood today, so we were all a bit wary. We could tell the suspense was killing her. We asked her what was up, but she said to wait.

Eventually, Mrs Rainins came in, telling us we had a new student.

“Alright, listen up you lot.” She said calmly. “We have a new girl today, and her name is Hayley. So, please,” She said it soooo exasperatedly. “Please be nice.” She stepped away to let the new girl through in to the room.

I was speechless, like the rest of the room. Her long brown hair flowed to her waist and her blue eyes shined like a million diamonds. She was simply gorgeous…

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