Ben gets hit by a car and ends up trapped in a coma. During the time he reflects back on his life and waits to wake up.


1. Life

I jumped off of the school bus and I walked up the familiar hill. It was a short distance from the bus stop to home, but as soon as I was in the walls of my room I sat at my wooden desk and pulled out the notebook I won in English. I picked up my trusty silver fountain pen and began to write. I was going to keep a journal. 

My name is Ben. I'm fifteen years old. I have three sisters, Katy, Jess and Daisy. Katy is eighteen years old, Jess is twelve years old and Daisy is three years old. 

I have a few friends. But I'm not popular. I have never been popular. Always the nerd.

I decided to keep a journal, really to help get my thoughts down on paper. I have always wanted to be a writer. Maybe this way it can help me get an idea for books to write. I get picked on because I like writing and reading. Oh well. My life, I want to live it like how I do now. 

I put the pen down and read through the first bit. I heard that if it is boring for you it will be boring for the reader too. It sounds OK. 

"Benjamin! Dinner!" I heard Mum call up the stairs. 

"OK!" I yelled back and hope she heard the reply. I got up from the wooden chair and walked down the creaky steps. I caught a glimpse in the mirror of myself, my blue eyes stood out, I was pale and I had light brown hair that lay flat. My hair was quite long, I don't like to cut it. I get it cut every month just to stop Mum from nagging. 

Dinner was crap, it always is. If I could skip meals I would, I skip breakfast and sometimes lunch. I can't skip dinner though. 

I don't have any homework, which is a first. I normally get homework every day. If I wasn't so scared to get an after school I wouldn't do it. I hate homework. Occasionally I forget to do it, but oh well. Everyone makes mistakes. No one is perfect. Even the vain people who think they're perfect, they're not. They must have some flaws, like a few scars or life at home isn't great. They just pretend their lives are perfect. They just can't accept that no one's life is perfect. 

A journal is a good idea I suppose. I'm not calling it a diary. No way. Diaries are for girls. Katy kept one when she was thirteen. It didn't last long, about four weeks and then she got bored. Maybe she got bullied for it or something. She spends most her time at uni or in her room. It feels like she doesn't live here anymore. Out of my three sisters, she is my favourite. She has always been there for me, even when Jess has taken the piss out of me. Daisy is too annoying. I know she is three but still. 

I closed my journal and threw away the empty ink cartridge from my pen, I will replace the ink tomorrow. Anyways my hand hurts from all of the writing. I took a quick shower and got into bed. Tomorrow I'm playing football with the few friends I have and their friends. 

My alarm woke me up. It's Saturday. I climbed out of bed slowly and yawned. I skipped breakfast and got changed and had a wash and cleaned my teeth. I was ready to go by the time Mike was at the door. I said bye to Mum and we walked out of the front door. We were heading towards the green where we always play football. It's always really muddy there despite how much sun we have had recently. 

As we approached the green the sun was bright and was blinding. There was a slight breeze in there air and the sky was blue - all the clouds had disappeared and there was none in sight. It was like all the clouds have gone on holiday. I saw Mike sprint across the road. 

"Come on, Ben! Quick," He yelled at me, I didn't know why he was telling me to run, the others can wait. It's not like they will die in the next thirty seconds. Then I heard a car approach and I automatically turned my head to the side and I saw a small black ford approaching me. Then, as if a lightbulb had lit up above my head, I knew why Mike wanted me to be quick. I froze and waited for the impact of the car. Everything went black before I could feel the force of the car smack into my body. Maybe I fainted before it had the chance of hitting me. Whatever happened I'm glad. I won't feel any pain for a while.



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