Pain through My Heart

Lucy has experienced pain before.She watched her parents die and all she has left is her little sister.


1. 10 Years ago

I hear a loud knock on the door. My mother starts crying. My mother whispers something to my dad and tells me to hide in the closet with my sister. I hold my four year old sister Lily hand and run to the closet and open the door. Suddenly there's a band. I look through the closet to see a group of people in my house they take a knife and cut my father throat out. I gasp in shock. I close my little sister's eyes. My mother starts begging to leave her. They pull a dagger in her heart and out. I watch her fall on the floor. I want to scream but put a hand over my mouth. I watch as they look for me and my sister. They didn't see us so they walk off.

Later I run to my parent's body and cry helplessly on the floor with only my sister in the world left. 

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