What Happened To Us


2. Island.

I have no idea what's on this island. So when we get off I take a look around. There are a couple of trees. I keep looking hoping for there to me more. Then I get to the very top of the island and look down to see a large area of sand, the ocean, and plenty of forest. Excitement overwhelmed me. I yell back at Jordan, and he runs up to me looking panicked.
"Whats wrong!" He screams.
"Nothing, look." I tell him.
"There's more?" He says surprised.
"Yes! And there is trees and water! Where gonna be alright!" I yell at him.
He runs up to me and hugs me.
"Wanna go swimming?" He asks me.
"Sure, let's go." I scream while running down the hill as fast as I can.
He chased after me and tacked me down. We both laugh together. I smile at Jordan and he smiles back. Then we both get in the water.
I was glad I had my suit on under neither my dress. After swimming for awhile I find a pond with a beautiful waterfall. I decide to rinse in it. I quick take a look around to see if anyone is around. Then I hear Jordan trying to find me.
"Jade, where are you?" He yells.
"I am in the waterfall!" I scream at the top of my lungs.
"I am coming in to!" he yells at me.
He walks up to me while I am messing with my hair. We stares into each others eyes. Then he leans and he kisses me.
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