What Happened To Us


1. Waking Up.

I wake up remembering what had happened last night. My neck hurts and I am soaked. I sit up, I am in a boat. Then it hits me, I scream. This guy, Jordan next to me wakes up. His eyes grew to full extent. He keeps calm and then gets closer to me. I don't even know this guy. I have seen him once in the halls but that's about it. Now were trapped in the middle of the ocean.
The party last night wasn't even supposed to go like this. We were all having fun. Then I start remembering everything again. There was loud nosies and flashing lights. Then I remember that I was kissing a guy in the life boat. He got out later, to get some shots. Then Jordan came in. He had a girl with him. She got out to go fix her makeup, she was wearing a purple dress with some heals. Then I heard a splash, and everything went black. Then I woke up here.
"What happened last night?" Jordan asked me, the shock still in his eyes.
"I just remember falling and hearing a splash, that's about it."
"We are in the middle of nowhere and nothing to keep us alive." He says making me think about my bag that I brought in with me.
"I have some stuff in my bag." I say glad that I brought it into the boat with me.
"And there's a life supply in the boat."
Then Jordan yells at the top of his lungs.
"Look! It's an island!" excitement in his voice makes me feel better.
The island looks almost like a giant rock. There are a ton of seagulls, so that made me think that there probably was life on this island.
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