Anywhere But Home

2 teenagers get stuck on an island after a party. They don't have phones, food, or other clothes. Now how will they get off the island?


2. Chapter 2: Land

I sit back in the boat, trying to get in a comfortable position. It sure wasn't easy. "How are we supposed to live without food or water? Or space?" I ask. I'm starting to get worried. Eli just makes a grunting noise, focusing on something behind me. I follow his vision. I gasp.

"Is that land?" he asks, moving to the front of the boat to look closer. It was a black strip against the pale blue sky. We shade our eyes with our hands to see better. It's definitely land. I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding and sat back down in the boat, reaching for the oar. I wipe beads of sweat off my forehead with the back of my hand. I stick the oar in the water and start to swiftly paddle. I head for the island, unsuccessfully. I only manage to turn the boat around. I grunt in frustration.

"Do you need some help?" Eli questions. I shake my head, causing my blonde hair to flop around my neck, with the help of the wind. I keep turning the boat. He watches me for a minute before grabbing the other oar. He pushes it into the water, then starts to paddle. He did it easily, like he was sweeping the ocean. I continued to paddle at the same time and before we knew it, we were at the island. I hop out quickly, landing in the knee-deep water. I shriek at how cold it is. Eli chuckles and jumps out. Thankfully, I was wearing jean shorts, so my pants didn't get wet. I observed the towering island for a minute, before I tugged the boat, attempting to pull it on shore. 

"Help me," I demanded between curses. The boat was heavy. He moves over and easily pulls it up onto the sand. I fall back and sit on the sand for a while, catching my breath. He snatches the first aid kit from the boat and sets it beside me before sitting himself down. I look over at him. "What is going to happen to us? No one will be able to find us."

"Don't say that," Eli tried to comfort me. He pushed some of the dripping wet hair out of my eyes. "Until someone does find us," he says confidently, "we're going to have to look for civilization." He stands up, brushes himself off, and walks into the trees. It was a beautiful place, but I didn't want to be stuck here. I slowly stand up, yelling after Eli. I sprinted and caught up to him. He walked fast.

"Slow down," I panted, placing a hand on his damp shoulder to steady myself.

"I kind of want to get off this island as fast as possible. I don't know about you, but I want to get home," he says angrily. I stop and just watch him walk ahead of me for a minute. Of course I wanted to get out of here. I sprinted to catch up again, and hit him lightly. 

"I do want to go home, but I can't keep up with you," I whine. 

"Fine," he says, picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder. He smiles and carries me, even through the forest obstacles. I had a feeling that Eli and I would be getting closer over the time we spent on this island.

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