Anywhere But Home

2 teenagers get stuck on an island after a party. They don't have phones, food, or other clothes. Now how will they get off the island?


1. Chapter 1: Now What?

I wake up in an uncomfortable position. My neck is sore. I sit up, and realize I'm sitting in a boat. It's a lifeboat. What happened? I look to my right, and there's a boy next to me. He's sleeping. I immediately recognize him from Drama class. I look ahead, bringing my right hand up to shade my eyes. There's a huge island towering above us. I gasp. Where are we? Why are we in a boat? The boy from school, Eli, wakes up. He sees me and his eyes get huge. 

"What are you doing here, Alyssa?" he asks. He looks at me like he's never seen me before.

"I honestly don't know. What are you doing here?" I retort. He shrugs, his flippy brown hair falling down onto one of his big hazel eyes. He pushes it away, but it doesn't stay, so he dunks his hand in the water. He slicks his hair back with it. 

"What?" he questions. I shake my head, causing my blonde hair to flop around with the help of the wind. I stand up, causing the boat to rock a little. Eli grabs hold of the edges, trying to hold himself up.

"Sorry," I whimper. He shrugs, as if saying 'no big deal.' I smile. "We should probably call someone, how the hell did we even get out here?"

"Good idea, Captain Obvious," he says rolling his eyes. I scoff at him. "As for the last part, I really don't know. I kind of remember a party last night, do you? Maybe we were drunk and jumped in the boat to.." his voice trails off.

"NO!" I screech. He backs up a little, which was hard in the little boat. I regain composure and calmly say, "I would never do that. I don't even drink."

"Buzz Killington," he mutters.

"What was that?" I ask, pretending I didn't hear what he said. He acts like he didn't speak, and I nod approvingly with a smirk. I reach into my pocket for my phone, but it's nowhere to be found. Great. Eli can't find his either.

"Now what?"

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