Forget You

Ketia was the better one. She was the one who all the boys adored, the popular one, the prettiest girl at school. And I was... well, what can I say? I was the compelete opposite...


5. Weird Phone Calls

"Sara! Come down, please!" I heard my mum's husky morning voice. I swung my feet out of bed, putting on my neon pink dressing gown. I slid them into my favourite yellow slippers, and slowly dragged mysell down the stairs.

"Mmm?" I asked what was the reason of waking me up at 8am. I wanted to ask, 'Yes?' but my mouth didn't seem to work that morning.

"Sweetie, Georgia's mum called, asking if you would like to come over today..." my mum said in a whorse whisper. She was still in bed, the duvet reaching her chin, her hair all over the place. I remembered: I had ditched Georgia yesterday, didn't i? That's when the guilt reached me, and my eyes became watery when i realised what i have done. Good thing my mum's eyes were still closed.

"Well?" she insisted.

"Maybe later. Not now; I'm going back to bed..." I said, already facing the door.

How could i be so cruel? I left my bestest friend in the world for being popular! Maybe i could go to her house, apologise, and forget about the whole thing...? Yes, i'll do that.

Suddenly, i found myself at the phone. Rrrring. Rrrring. I heard in the receiver. I was calling Georgia.

"Hello?" a tired voice went.

"Hello? Mrs. Kells? My mum told me you called?" I replied

"Nonesense, child! I was asleep for the time, until you woke me up now!" she sounded really annoyed with me.

"Oh..." I wasn't sure what to say, really.

click. She hung up. I could imagine her walking down the corridor in her pink dressing gown, and pink bunny slippers, her hair bouncing up and down as she made her way blindly into her bedroom. It made me giggle...

"Mum! Mum!" I shook my mum awake straight away.


"She didn't call, silly!"

She sat up, her eyebrows pulled together. "What do you mean? I clearly heard her call..."

"Well, she said she didn't. So maybe you were dreaming it. Night." i kissed her on the forehead and made my way back upstairs.

Halfway up, Rrring. Rrring. I sighed, turned around and picked up the receiver.


No answer.

"Hello? Who is it?"


"Excuse me? Hellooooo?"

Still nothing.

"Erm, Georgia? Is it you messing with me?"

Click. I hung up.

"Erm... okay? That was odd..." I thought.

"Who was that, dear?" my mum called from her bedroom.

"Erm..." I answered, wasn't sure what to say, "Wrong number!" I added.

It was really weird. Maybe it was Georgia? Nevermind...


Two hours later i heard my mum in the kitchen. "Mum, you got a text message!" I shouted from the bathroom, hearing the Ding dong tone. No answer. I sighed. 5 minutes later i checked my mum's iPhone. 1 message:

Emma, it's Helen. Why don't you anwer my calls? Did i do something wrong :(

I sighed again. Back. Back. 2 missed calls: Helen. Urgh! I told her to change her ringtone so she knew when someone called her mobile or the home phone!!! I am irritated!!!

"Mum! Mum! Where are you? Oh, there you are. It was your mobile that rang, not the home phone. And it wasn't Georgia's mum. It was Helen. She just texted you saying," i read Helen's text to her, with a hint of irritation in my voice. "Oh..." she looked at the floor, "Oh well! Nevermind! Do you want some toast, dear?"

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