Forget You

Ketia was the better one. She was the one who all the boys adored, the popular one, the prettiest girl at school. And I was... well, what can I say? I was the compelete opposite...


3. The Tree House

Sara's P.O.V

I was willing to climb up, but I could see Georgia frowning at the thought of getting her brand new dress dirty. "Come on, it will be fun!" i tried to convince her. She looked at me, a look of dissaproval. I grabbed the rope and climbed up. Good thing i was good at Phys Ed!! Once up there, i looked down at Georgia. It must have been at least 10 metres of the ground, this place. I turned around. Micheal was sitting on a blue and purple bean bag, drinking from a can of Sprite. I?t was incredibly clean, compared to the official house. The floor was made of oak boards, as i later found out, so where the walls. The roof was naturally made of the tree's crown, with some occasional leaves falling slowly onto the floorboards. He was equipped with a PSP, which i kind of expected; every boy i know has one of them! I sat down on the second bean bag next to him, nad watched him play.

Georgia's P.O.V

I didn't want to go up. Not because i was afraid of getting my new dress filthy. Not because i expected more mess. But because of the incident i had many, many years ago. It was on one of my P.E lessons, when i was about 7. We were told to climb a rope, hanging from the ceiling, 5 metres awayl, and ring a bell that was at the very top. Everyone did it, except for me. I decided to honestly confess that i was scared. But then everybody called me a chicken and laughed... So i climbed, and climbed, and climbed, until "Coach, my hands are burning! I need to get off!!!" I said. "Less moaning, more climbing! You're nearly there, child!" the coach answered. I moved my hand and inch up, when... BAM!!! That's what they all heard: My head against the floor. I woke up at hospital the next morning diagnosed with amnesia... And i can't remember anything that happened before that terrible day when i was froced to climb a stinking rope... I'm SUCH a chicken...

And Sara had no idea. I was standing here for almost 15 minutes now, wondering if they were making out, or what.

Suddenly, i heard footsteps from above. Then i saw a figure: Micheal. He made his way down, a then stretched his hands up. "Are you sure?" I heard Sara's voice. "Yes!" he answered. "And what on earth are you doing?" I decided to find out. "She jump, I catch." Micheal casually said. Before i could shout 'ARE YOU MAD!?' I saw Sara flying down from the tree house. I felt the tension build up inside me; i could have sworn something bad was gonna happen.

But i was wrong. Sara landed beautifully in Micheal's arms; as if they've practiced this a million times before. "Are you crazy!?" I screamed at my best friend, "You could have died! Don't you dare scare me like that!" She just giggled like an idiot. This got me wondering... since when did she trust Micheal enough to do this? She barely knew him for two hours! This was ridiculous...

Sara's P.O.V

After i sat down to watch Mike play his PSP, he just put it down and got to the point. I looked at him, confused. "Do you want try something?" he asked. I was beginning to be scared, but only a teeny weeny bit. "Like what?" i questioned. "I stand down there" he pointed at where Georgia was standing, "a you jump. I catch. I did before with my sister, Marta. She twelve years old. I strong guy. You trust me, no?" he explained. I shrugged, but soon nodded, as i couldn't resist his beautiful smile. After all, what harm can it do? Wait. I might fall and die. I might slip out of his arms. I might kill him with my weight. Nah, very unlikely... So i decided to do it. And it worked out perfectly: i landed in his strong arms, and his touch sent sparks flying through my body. I couldn't help but giggle as he put me down and Georgia told me off immediately for scaring the crap out of her. It was amazing, but then i remembered something.

"Oh my God! Georgia, i haven't told my mum we were going out!" i panicked. So did my best friend. Micheal just stood there, obviously confused. I walked up to him "listen, I haved to go home now. I might come over again tomorrow, but no promises. Okay?" i explained to him as clearly as i could. I swear i heard him mumble "Sara... Don't go..." in a worried tone. "What?" i said, just to make sure. He sighed. "Nothing. You go. But i come see you tomorrow, okay?" he insisted. I nodded, and we ran to my house.

That's when i realised i hadn't brought my keys. Crap. I rang the doorbell, hoping for my mum to treat me with empathy and kindness... please, please, pleeeaaase! "Oh my goodness, Sara! I though you was in your room! Where have you been, naughty? Huh?" she sounded oddly jolly. "Erm, okay... We went to visit Micheal. You know, the boy next door." I decided to tell the truth. "Oh. Well, come on in!" she gestured for us to enter. Good thing Georgia was sleeping over tonight, we had alot of talking and gossiping to do. Mainly about You Know Who...

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