Forget You

Ketia was the better one. She was the one who all the boys adored, the popular one, the prettiest girl at school. And I was... well, what can I say? I was the compelete opposite...


4. Starbucks and ditching

Sara's P.O.V

The next day, it rained like hell. My black school shoes were filled with puddles, even my umbrella was failing to do it's job. I worked very carefully to avoid puddles, but Georgia literally walked through them. Even though her clothing was dripping wet, she didn't seem to mind. We were only 5 minutes away from home. When we got off the bus, we met Ketia, Ruth, Elenor and Kandy gossiping away under the bus shelter. "Hey!" Ketia waved at me, "Wanna come to my house tonight? I'll give you an awesome makeover and you'll join our group, you know. You are so cute! I really like you!" she added. I stole a glance from Georgia. "What about..." i nodded my head in my friend's direction. She gestured for me to come over. "Why the fuck would hang out with a little twat like her? Don't you wanna be one of us?" she said, pointing at the little group of giggling girls. Oh... My... God! Ketia has just asked me to join her!! How could I possibly resist this!?  "Erm... well... ok!" I finally spat out.

Georgia's P.O.V

"Erm... well... ok!" Sara answered. I couldn't believe my ears! How could she just ditch me like that, just to be one them! I couldn't believe this! She just walked off with Ketia, leaving me standing there, absolutely gobsmacked and lonely. Forget her, I can get myself a better friend! I, Georgia Kells, am now officially dumping my best friend, Sara Roberts!!! I stormed off, heading for my house, not hers...

Sara's P.O.V

I couldn't believe i was going to make friends with the popular girls! I, Sara Roberts, am no longer going to be the loner, geeky, ugly girl, but was going to get a proper makeover from a proper person!!! Aaaaaaaa!!! I was so happy i thought i was gonna die.

Me and Ketia parted when I reached my house, saying I will come tomorrow, as i have homework and all. Bad move telling the truth... definately not cool!

I managed to strip down to my underwear and hang all my clothes on the radiator i my room. That's when the doorbell rang. I screamed, "ONE SECOOOOND!!!" and quickly put on the clothes i had layed out on my bed earlier on. It was a pair of blue, baggy jeans, and a dark green hoodie with a picture of Rhianna on it (i know, it was something very weird to wear, but, you know, Primark...). I hurried to the front door, turned the door knob only to see... Micheal! He waved and smiled at me. "Hi. What brings you here?" i asked. "Erm... tomorrow you said i come today and we go somewhere, no?" "You mean... Oh! Yeah, yesterday i said for you to come and get me, didn't i?" he nodded in reply. Then he pointed outside and commented, "But this rain, no good. Maybe we go drink coffee? You like?" I frowned. I did in fact like it, it's just that i knew it isn't good for me. So i lied, "Erm, what about just tea?" "Okay, you tea, i coffee. Let's go." he took my hand. Sparks went flying all over me, and i managed to mumble, "Where are we going?" as i pulled my hood up onto my wet plait. "We go to cafe. Where you want. I don't mind. You choose, Sara." he said. I said, after a second of thought, "Mmm... Starbucks!" So that's exactly where we went. I ordered Earl Gray tea, and Mikey drank Latte."You know, Sara. I don't like be at home. I like go out. Like now. Now, I happy. No home, no dad, pretty girl!" I blushed so hard my cheeks burnt.

But i decided to change the subject, anyways. "Why don't you like being with your dad?" I asked. He shrugged. "Because he not love me. He make me do all clean up, but i can't, because it too much. I try. And he drink much alcohol. When he comes back from work, he go to sleep. I go to my treehouse. I sleep there. Sometimes on sofa. Depends if dad is happy or angry. I run to my house when dad comes in, so he don't hurt me. He hurt me one or two times, but not anymore, because he too weak to climb my rope." He paused, seeing the single tear rolling down my cheek. "Oh no! Sara, no cry! Please, no cry!" "I'm not crying" I sobbed, "It's just... I didn't know... What about your mum?" I told him to carry on. "She in Poland. I leave Poland with dad when i was eleven. Mum stay. She said she need to care of my grandmother. She very sick, my grandmother. So mum want help her." I felt another cold tear escape my blue eyes. He stood up, and walked towards me. Suddenly i felt his warm arms wrap around my body. "Thanks" I whispered.

I should be the one hugging him, to be honest. This boy i have adored for ages, was practically an orphan! His mum wasn't present at all, and his dad just ignored him. I stood up and hugged him back. It felt so warm and cosy... I felt like never letting go. I could fell his hot breath tickling my neck. When we finally let go of eachother's embrace, he asked, "how old are you, Sara?" I wasn't sure what to say. Should i lie about my age? What if he turns out to be like seventeen or something? I read a book about a girl who had a boyfriend who was 17, and she was only 12. When he found out he dumped her and never made contact again...

"I'm fourteen" I decided not to lie after all. "Oh. I fifteen. You want to go back now?" he asked. Phew, he wasn't that much older... I nodded and we headed back home. Half-way down Golders Green, i felt a warm arm drop around my soulders. I looked up to Micheal, seeing him smile, i smiled back. When we walked to our doors, i didn't want to part form him. Then, he leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek. I was stunned, and i started smiling like an idiot. "Bye, Sara!" he waved. I waved back, and turned my key to unlock my old, red,, wooden door. 

Oh, for God's sake... did this guy like me? Or was that just a friendly kiss? I was SO confused...

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