Forget You

Ketia was the better one. She was the one who all the boys adored, the popular one, the prettiest girl at school. And I was... well, what can I say? I was the compelete opposite...


10. Run.

I nearly screamed when i heard a sudden shout and a smash of glass. Just in time in slapped my hand onto my mouth. The shouting carried on as i recognised Micheal's voice ingaged in the argument. I heard loud footstepscoming towards the shut wooden door, and then quicker paced ones in front of them.

Before i knew it i was pushed tout of the way with a firm hand, then picked back up. In a flash i was running full speed down the road, holding hands with Mike. His face was dead serious. I began to worry...

We ran all the way to school, which was closed, obviously. He let go of my hand and we sat on the stairs to cathc our breath. When i was able to speak again, i deicded to find out what was going on:

"Mike, what is this all about?" I asked, still breathing heavily.

"You want get bottle smashed on your head?" I hate question-answers...

"Erm... No?"

"Well then we run away"

"Was... Was that... Your dad??" He nodded, staring at the floor. I covered my mouth with my hands. Hugging him, i added, "I'm sorry... This is my fault..."

He pushed me away suddenly. I felt his warm hand swipe against my cheek. Before i knew what was happening, he  was kissing me. Wow, i thought, so i guess its safe to say he's my proper boyfriend now. I smiled slightly when he let go. 

My smile dropped when he asked me about... You know... Why i was dressed like that and where i was going. Why lie? I thought.

"You see, there's this reeaally annoting woman, the one you saw me with, and she wants me to meet her son. And i was supposed to go earlier on today, but... but then... Georgia called me and..." I burst out crying, and felt him pull me in into a hug.

"Let's go home..." I sobbed. He stroked my back, and whisperd, "We can't. I can't. My dad will hurt me for running away. With a girl..." I looked up at him. We couldn't exactly stay on the street for the night, could we?

"Well... You can stay at my house...?" Mike looked directly into my eyes; a look of hope. I smiled, and stood up, reaching out at him. He immediately placed his hand in mine. "Come on. You'll be safe there"

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