Forget You

Ketia was the better one. She was the one who all the boys adored, the popular one, the prettiest girl at school. And I was... well, what can I say? I was the compelete opposite...


9. Bad to Worse

I was still on my bed with tears falling down my face when the doorbell rang. I moaned and dragged myself to the door.

"This is insane, child! You have clearly asked me to invite you to my son's house at 7pm, and what have you done? Just left the poor boy alone and - by the looks of it - did what you please!" i recognised Daniel's mum's squeaky posh voice straight away. I felt like shutting the door in her face. I sighed.

"I'm sorry Daphne, its just-"

"Mrs. Sheridan, if you don't mind..." she corrected me.

"Okay,Mrs. Sheridan, its just i've had a lot of friend trouble lately and i totally forgot about our meeting..." i treid explaining myself, but she outsmarted me.

"Are you saying your silly friend issues are more important than my son??" Excuse me, but yes, they are! But i was no good in arguing with a lawyer :(

I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly. "Let me just get ready..."

I ran upstairs, stripped down from my trackies and pulled on my one and only party (ish) dress. I stood in front of my mirror, and pulled the baige dress a bit higher over my breasts. I admired this piece of glimmering clothing reaching almost my ankles. I slipped into a pair of gold pumps (unfortunately i didn't own any heels) and brushed my hair to the left hand side. Some mascara and a pair of hopped earrings gave me a finished look, as i headed back to the red-haired lady.

She gave me a fake smile and pushed me out to the street...

As i turned around to lock the door, i spotted Micheal in his bedroom window. I froze; what is he thinking?? I looked straight into his beautiful brown eyes and saw something i have never seen before... Almost as if he felt... Hurt? No, that's not possible...

Oh, God! He thinks i'm going on a date! He thinks i'm cheating on him!!

What was i thinking!?

I turned to Daphne. "I can't do this..." I said, almost whispered, shakingf my head and turning the key into the opposite direction. And left her standing there, speechless, in the middle of my front lawn...

I ran, tears in my eyes, full speed into my room, buried myslef in the covers started to sob. Before i knew it, though, I was back in my tracksuits and running outisde to Mike's house. I placed the tip of my finger on the doorbell, and stared for a while at his window. What was i gonna say? What if he left me? What would i do without him...? I took a deep breath ijn and pressed the button.

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