Forget You

Ketia was the better one. She was the one who all the boys adored, the popular one, the prettiest girl at school. And I was... well, what can I say? I was the compelete opposite...


2. A Visitor

Georgia's P.O.V

"I think he's Spanish!" Sara exclaimed, when i sked her about the boy next door she had adored for days.

"but... you said his name was Micheal?" i answered, really confused. I mean, what kind of Spaniard has a name like Micheal? "That's not very Spanish, is it?" i added.

She lowered her eyes. We tried to listen through the wall to the neighbors' house, trying to figure out what language it was. After about 10 minutes, it hit me. They were Polish. I know, because my dad is Polish, and he speaks it to most of his friends. So i have a slight i dea of what it sounds like.

"He's Polish, you idiot!" i told Sara, a smile escaping my lips. I couldn't help it! I mean, how on earth could she mistake Spanish for Polish? They're two compeletly different languages! I have a feeling she was hoping for him to be Spanish. I'm not sure why, though. Maybe because she the gossip about Spanish guys prefering blondes, which she was, and she really longed for a boyfriend. She blabbed on about this guy for almost the whole day, saying how beautiful he was, and all. Ew, that's all i can say...

Sara's P.O.V

I was really dissapointed when Georgia told me he was Polish. I'm not sure why; I just really hoped for a boyfriend. I mean, can you imagine being nearly fourteen and still single!? It was pathetic. That's when my mum called us down to greet a visitor...

"Girls, this is Daphne, my friend from work. Say hi; where are your manners?" my mum introduced her friend to us. We shook hands with chubby, the red-haired lady. "And how old are you, might i ask?" went her high pitched, shaky voice. She was freaking me out a bit, to be honest. "I'm thirteen." Georgia answered first. "And I'm fourteen in June" i said. "Well, well, well. I have a son, Daniel, he's fourteen, and lives with his father in Liverpool. But he will come to visit me very soon, next week maybe, so i can give you a call and you can meet up with him, just the three of you. Cinema, maybe? Would you like that, girls?" I was shocked. We kept straight faces, though. Georgia elbowed me and i elbowed her back. We nodded, having no choice, and hurried back to my room.

"OMG!!! Can you imagine this, Sara!?" Georgia looked exceptionally excited. SHe wouldn't stop smiling, which was beginning to scare me a bit. "What...? It's just a guy..." I mumbled. Suddenly it hit me. Just a guy!? It could be THE guy!!! I couldn't wait 'til that freaky woman called over next week so i could meet my future boyfriend. I can't believe i might actua-

Ding dong!!!

I ran downstairs, forgetting all about Georgia, and opened the door. I saw the most beutiful figure standing in the doorway... Chocolate eyes, pitch black, spiky hair, lovely tanned skin... I recognised him immediately: Micheal.

"h-hi...?" was all i could force out of my mouth.

"Hello. I kick my football over fence. Can i get?" he said. Yep, definetaly a foreign boy, this one was. I nodded and guided him through my kitchen to the back door. He went and got his ball, and came back, smiling and showing his perfectly white teeth. "You have nice house, Sara. I like. My house very dirty. My dad not like clean up." he told me. I couldn't belive i was actually speaking to this boy!!! Well, he was speaking to me; not that i managed to say anything! I just nodded all the time, and hoped i didn't look like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland.

"Okay, i go. Maybe... you want to go my house other day?" he asked, just before leaving. "Erm... But what about your dad? Won't he mind?" I questioned him, unsure if i want to go to this amazing person's house, or not. "No, no, no. My dad, he in work all day. Be home very late. 11 at night, maybe. You want come or not?" he insisted. "When?" I finally gave up. "Erm... now?" he answered after a quick stop for thinking. "Well, I have my friend with me, so could she come with me?" I asked, as soon as i remembered the girl i left alone in my room. "No" he said. My eyes widened. Suddenly, he burst out laughing, "that was joke, Sara. Don't worry. She come with us, if she want." Phew...

After I left Micheal standing on my doorstep and hurried upstairs, i grabbed Georgia, and whispered, "Micheal is standing downstairs and insists on us coming over to his house. Now" "WHAT!?" she gasped, as we ran down the stairs, full speed. "Micheal, this is Georgia, my friend i was telling you about" i introduced them to eachother, "And Georgia, this is Micheal, the guy i was telling you about" I should've added "THe boy i was blabbing on about all day long" but it would just sound ridiculous, even though Micheal would probably not even understand it...

We entered Micheal's house quietely, not saying a word, even though i knew his dad was out, i didn't know about his mum, did i? I was so excited i think i was about to blow up! I was in my crush's house, with my best friend, and i talked to him!!!

He was right; the house wasn't very clean. Not very big, either. One bedroom, as far as i could see, a living room, a bathroom and a tiny kitchen. From all the pizza boxes lying around on the floor, i assumed they didn't do much cooking. The sofa was stained with... bbq sauce or something, and occasionaly i would step on some old crisps. The kitchen sink was filled with dirty plates, and there was a smashed one on the floor. I didn't dare look in the bathroom, though. As we got to the garden, i became quite impressed. The lawn was wasn't overgrown with all sorts of greens, there was a large football pitch painted in the middle of the garde, and i rope hung from the tree. Micheal ran up to it, and explained, "up there is my treehouse. I spend all day there. I like, it not dirty. I can climb. Look" he climbed all the way up, and invited us up aswell.

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