This is a story written from two points of view, about a girl who thinks she's fat!


2. Hannah

Amy is my best friend. I watch her eyes every day, the way you can see how badly she is hurting, how desperately she wants to change everything about herself. I watch the way she walks, cowering away from people, and too ashamed to talk to boys in case they say mean things about her looks. She's not even fat, and it makes me angry that she thinks she is because of these heartless people, who deserve nothing more than cruelty themselves.

I swear she's anorexic. I tried to ask her but she won't let me in. Her eyes glaze over whenever i mention the word 'okay' or 'fat' or 'anorexia', and she tries to make me think that she is immune. But i know in my heart that she is not.

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