This is a story written from two points of view, about a girl who thinks she's fat!


9. Amy

Dear Hannah

I am so so so sorry - words don't even describe how bad i feel. I have brought you down all these years, with my stupid mind games and fat thoughts.

I realise now that i was stupid, and idiotic to become anorexic, but it was so hard not to slip down that spiral of self hate. I love you for sticking with me when nobody else would and will always love you.

I realise that you are the best friend that i could ever have, because you saved my life. It wasn't the therapy that made me better, it was you. You were my inspiration. When i was feeling low, and like it was the hardest thing i could ever do, you were the one cheering me on. You are amazing.

Bullies are mean. Bullies are cruel. I used to hate bullies but now i just pity them. They need to make people feel bad, just to feel good about themselves. I pity anyone who has to do that. And i pity how i used to be. You are the one who helped me see that Hannah, you are my life. I live for you.

You are my best friend, and sometimes my only one. But i am grateful for that. I will be there for you when you need me, like you were there for me when i needed you.

Love from


xxx times infinity, and a million hugs.

p.s - RIP

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