Phoenix island

"Come on,Phoenix fly,fly!!!" I practicly screamed the words before he took off.

Phoenix Island,a place that could kill you.It's placed in the centre of the Bermuda triangle,it's the only place where Phoenix feels safe.I should explain I'm called,Ashley Singeaire {Say it Singe-air-ee}I'm a girl with a fiery personalty,I should be since I am the human child of the Phoenix bird itself!

Phoenix Island is not ordinary,my cousin,Bolt Lighteningcloud is struggling for power,he is trying to kill me and the Phoenix,I don't know if I can stop him....


3. Phoenix Island

I opened my eyes and saw a fiery bird sat infront of me,I bolted up and looked again,this time the bird spoke.

"Don't be afraid Ashley,I'm the Phoenix bird,your farther."

"W-What do you want with me??"

"You must help me Ashley,my brother is trying to kill me and you."

I let my jaw drop,the brother of the Phoenix was the thunder bird,the thunder bird had one child,I had a cousin called Bolt Lightingcloud.He was going to try and kill me?!?!!.


Suddenly my cousin stepped forward followed by the Thunder bird,I jumped on Phoenix's back

"Come on Phoenix,fly,fly!!!!!!" I practally screamed the words before he took off........

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