Phoenix island

"Come on,Phoenix fly,fly!!!" I practicly screamed the words before he took off.

Phoenix Island,a place that could kill you.It's placed in the centre of the Bermuda triangle,it's the only place where Phoenix feels safe.I should explain I'm called,Ashley Singeaire {Say it Singe-air-ee}I'm a girl with a fiery personalty,I should be since I am the human child of the Phoenix bird itself!

Phoenix Island is not ordinary,my cousin,Bolt Lighteningcloud is struggling for power,he is trying to kill me and the Phoenix,I don't know if I can stop him....


2. Phoenix Forest

I felt sick in the pit of my stomach,Sebrina noticed it and gave me a herb accdentily squwered on a claw.Sebrina I should tell you is part dragon,she's likely to change at random moments.I chewed the herbs and thought over what had happened that morning.Suddenly an arrow peirced the tree behind Silver,who yelped in suprise.


"WYLDERMEN!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Silver,sebrina spread her wings and flew up into the skies into the tallest tree,Silver dived into the darkness,muttering no under breath{It was a full moon}I suddenly felt a shove from behind and I fell into the fire,I felt the heat on my skin,Silver bounded out of the shadows,becoming a a angry mass of ginger werewolf.Wyldermen are men who live in the woods and will capture and eat any one.


I suddenly realised the fire was more feirce,it suddenly died and Silver and Senrina came rushing over.

"There are no burns." Sebrina whispered in bewilderment.The air in Phoenix Forest got colder.Thats when the storm came,I was lifted into the air and screaming

"Help me!!!!Help me!!!!" Everthing went black,Phoenix Forest was gone.I was being carried somewhere by the storm......

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