Phoenix island

"Come on,Phoenix fly,fly!!!" I practicly screamed the words before he took off.

Phoenix Island,a place that could kill you.It's placed in the centre of the Bermuda triangle,it's the only place where Phoenix feels safe.I should explain I'm called,Ashley Singeaire {Say it Singe-air-ee}I'm a girl with a fiery personalty,I should be since I am the human child of the Phoenix bird itself!

Phoenix Island is not ordinary,my cousin,Bolt Lighteningcloud is struggling for power,he is trying to kill me and the Phoenix,I don't know if I can stop him....


4. Ashes to Phoenix.

Thunder had Bolt on his back,lightening stuck Phoenix and he tumbled down.

"Ashley,I'm your frather and I'm sorry I was never there."He croaked,he then lay dead.A fiery glow encased my body and I stood up,true rage coursed through my veins,I felt change.My cousin's jaw dropped and Thunder just squaked.


I pushed my back legs off the ground and hovered in the air,my eyes growing used to birds veiw,wait birds veiw?!?!!I looked behind me,I now knew,I was now the Phoenix,I was still in a human body though.I saw golden talons predtud from my feet and nails.I dived and threw a fire ball at my cousin and Thunder.Bolt screamed in agony and died,Thunder being connected to his life force,turned to stone,the battle was won.I saw Sebrina carrying Silver,I waved and they sped over like bullets.


I told my tale and woed them into awe.We now live on Phoenix Island,oh and my name got changed,since I was the Phoenix bird now,my name's now Phoenix.So you might meet me if you dissapear in the Bermuda Triangle.

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