The silver rose

It's kinda poetry,kinda not poetry.It's about a silver rose I once saw in a beautiful garden.Please read and comment.

Another poem about a rose,this time is was blue,I wondered what made that blue rose more cheerful than me?


2. The blue rose

I once saw a blue rose,

That had a sweet scent up my nose.

I saw it's cheerful colour,

That just made me sullen.

I thought what makes this rose more cheerful than me?

But the true joy I did not see.

The next day a pair of lovers walked through the grass to the rose.

The seeds that year had been sown,

But they chose that blue rose.

On the blue petals,

sunlight licked

And it finaly clicked.




A blue rose is worth more than a kiss,

that was just part of lover's mist.

But a blue rose holds all the cheer and love of any pair.

So when you see a blue rose,

hold it to your nose.

Take a good long sniff

And catch a whiff.

Of the sweet perfume of true love.

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