Starbucks Ramblings

This is a collection of short passages I've written whilst sat in Starbucks, generally. There might be a few from other places, but heyho.


1. Love's not a competition, but I'm winning.

Here we were again, he and I, standing on opposite sides of the board, an intricate game of chess unfolding between us. I stood on the side of light, justice, and truth. He stood in the darkness, and it crept closer towards me with every passing moment. He knew I wasn't going down without a fight, but I also knew his strength. We were both formidable opponents.

His voice slithered around me, winding it's way across my skin, sending electric goosebumps pulsing through my body, shaking my very bones to the core. He whispered some of the most repulsive things imaginable. My eyes squeezed tightly closed, I could feel him smiling, his face twisted, his eyes wild.


I let the word fall from my tongue hard and fast, like a gun shot. His poisonous voice died instantly.

I wasn't at all prepared for the silence that followed. Empty, like my eyes, so old and tired. I heard myself take in a staggered breath just as the tears began to blur my vision, taking with it all the colors of the rainbow. My voice was broken. I was broken.

The distance between us was crushed to dust in less than a moment. He was impossibly fast. I could feel him standing just millimeters away. He reached out to me, his cold, lifeless fingertips barely brushing a stray red tendril of hair from my withered face. Every single cell in my body screamed at me to pull away, but once again, he had me spellbound, just like every other time beforehand. Rooted to the spot, powerless, standing hunched over like an old oak tree. I was mesmorised by his beauty. He knew the power he held over me, and he had no problem whatsoever with using it. This was most definitely not playing fair.

I felt him leaning in towards my neck, inhaling the sweet scent of my hair. His cool breath tickled my ear as he whispered a short, sweet response.


And with that, he sunk his teeth deep into my throat.

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