The Following events take place shortly after the fateful duel or ‘’mak'gora’’ between Garrosh Hellscream and Cairne Bloodhoof, in which Cairne was slain.

An angered tauren warrior turns to the alliance for help in an attempt to avenge his leader and rid the horde of a warmonger


4. Chapter 4: Orgrimmar betrayed

‘’Narren, that’s an unusual name for a Gilnean, tell me, where are you from, which region?’’

‘’uh, Duskhaven, sir’’ it was the only Gilnean settlement that Nah’ren knew of

‘’The captain here said you have accurate information on the horde. Most notably information on the whereabouts of the Warchief Garrosh…is this correct?’’

‘’yes, I…’’  Nah’ren was interrupted by the Marshal

‘’tell me, how can you possess this information if you have been locked in Gilneas all this time?’’

Nah’ren had to think fast ‘’ I…I found a satchel next to a fallen forsaken, he looked like a messenger….it contained all the information’’

The Marshal sat down in his chair, leisurely leaning on his left hand, he peered at the Worgen ‘’so tell me, where is this satchel now?’’

‘’I…lost it, a patrol got the drop on me so I ran...’’

‘’I see, and how much information did you see?’’

‘’enough to plan a covert strike on Orgrimmar, to take out their leader.’’



Nah’ren had used the worgen curse to infiltrate the alliance and would use their troops to assassinate Garrosh. It was perfect. Now all he had to do was get permission to lead a raid into the heart of the horde capital, with hopefully no tauren fatalities.

The Marshal was originally reluctant to order such a strike, but a few days later a supply caravan had seemingly been raided by horde troops. He gave the order.

A week later Nah’ren arrived back in kalimdor, Ashara to be precise. He would guide a forty man raid through a back entrance, a less travelled path.


They had entered a backalley of orgrimmar without any problems. Nah’ren ordered a stop. ‘’three guards ahead’’ he pointed them out.

Field Captain Thomas, who was the commanding officer, made several hand gestures to one of his subordinates. A few seconds later nine archers broker cover and released a volley of arrows. Two orcs collapsed, one with 3 arrows in the chest, the other with two in the chest and another in the neck. The third guard was crippled with one in the leg and another in the shoulder, the ninth arrow went stray. The guard turned to run….he didn’t make it ten feet before another set of arrows buried themselves in his back and killed him.

‘’Move up’’

The group hurried across to the other side of the gorge. they finshed off one of the guards that who was miraculously still alive when they got their and pulled the corpses to the side.

 ‘’we’re nearly there’’ Nah’ren said. ‘’Three more corners I think’’

They dispatched of several other guards until they arrived at the location. They were in a back alley of Orgimmar, one that ended almost right behind Grommash hold!



‘’we’re here’’ Nah’ren said.

‘’Alright, I’ll take it from here worgen. Men! We are about to storm through the front of the keep. There will be honour guards, and many of them, but we have the element of surprise. We got to do this quick. Because we’ll be stirring a hornets nest, the whole of orgrimmar will descend upon us in a matter of minutes. Remember, protect Alicia at all costs!’’

Everyone was silent. The inhabitants of Orgrimmar had no idea what was about to descend upon them. Weapons drawn, the raid was ready to commence. And with a wave of his hand it started.

‘’Go go go go!!!’’  the strike team broke cover. The archers loosed their arrows on their designated targets. Half a dozen gaurds at the entrance dropped to the ground. The fourty alliance troops seemed to appear out of nowhere. As they barged through the main entrance, they were confronted by twenty tauren. They were all unarmed but the alliance charged in immediately. Nah’ren was pushed along by the other troops right into the thick of it.‘’This was not suppose happen!’’ Nah’ren told himself. Before he knew it he was clobbered by one of the tauren and slammed into the side of another one. As Nah’ren recovered the one he slammed into turned around and raised his sword to cut nah’ren down. It was Kaill. 

‘’wait….WAIT!’’ Nah’ren shouted but Kaill didn’t stop. Nah’ren jumped out of the way. Kaill followed up with several swings, Nah’ren dodged and blocked everything. Kaill was clipped on the leg by a soldier behind him and he turned his attention towards his new foe, but within seconds he was clipped again from the left. Kaill was completely surrounded, he was one of the last tauren standing. He received dozens of cuts and thrusts and he collapsed to his knees infront of Nah’ren.  Their eyes met. And for a brief moment he was still, as if he realised that the worgen infront of him was Nah’ren. But then he raised his sword in one last ditch effort to kill the worgen, Nah’ren parried and thrust Kaill straight through the chest. The last of the tauren collapsed to the floor. A pool of blood appeared beneath him. Nah’ren fell to his knees in grief and placed his hand on Kaill’s chest as he watched the life fading from his former comrades eyes.


The rest of the surviving raid searched the building. “He’s not here! Where is he!’’ the captain shouted. ‘’Alicia! Start porting now!’’


Nah’ren recovered from his grief and refocused his mind at the matter at hand, the reason he was here. To KILL garrosh, the warchief that would doom his race.


“We can still get him, he might be somewhere close by?!” Nah’ren replied.

“No, there’s no time.  I want everyone to defend the front entrance until Alicia is ready. Alicia, how long will it take to make the portal?”

‘’A few minutes my lord, you will have to hold them off until then’’ she replied.

As the remaining alliance scrambled to the front entrance they could see dozens of horde running towards the keep. Arrows started whizzing through the air.

‘’drop the portcullis and shut the doors!’’

As the last of the alliance archers guarding outside quickly ran in they shut the doors. Seconds later several arrows dug themselves into the wood.

Everyone was quiet. Heavy breathing and bloodied from the fight against the tauren they were now all waiting for Alicia the mage to get them home. As the remaining raid members stood there, they could here shouting outside and before long the siege commenced. the horde started pounding the gate with a makeshift battering ram.


‘’I’m almost done, gather round’’ Alicia said. Sweat dripping from her forehead.

As the mage finished summoning the portal Nah’ren took a long look at the lifeless tauren strewn around him. and a final look at Kaill, who laid just a few feet away from him. Nah’ren was guilty, guilty of killing twenty of his brethren and as a tear dropped from his eye, the horde broke through. He looked up and saw Meela the druid, the one who had wished him good luck at the start of his journey, they made eye contact and Meela knew what Nah’ren had done. As Orcs, trolls and tauren alike charged Nah’ren he touched the portal and disappeared…..









These events were based on a true story of my Warrior Dracoti, who after Cairne’s death at the beginning of the cataclysm turned into Syllvian, a worgen warrior in an attempt to avenge and free his tauren brethren by defeating the horde….he never succeeded and killed (deleted) himself a few months later.

All artwork goes to their respective owners.

Hope you enjoyed it and thanks for reading! J

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