The Following events take place shortly after the fateful duel or ‘’mak'gora’’ between Garrosh Hellscream and Cairne Bloodhoof, in which Cairne was slain.

An angered tauren warrior turns to the alliance for help in an attempt to avenge his leader and rid the horde of a warmonger


3. Chapter 3: The Gilnean front

A regiment of forsaken marched past them as they entered the main camp. It was dark, wet, and dreary. There was a strong stench of rotting flesh and puss in the air. The fog added strength to the already repugnant smell. Campfires dotted the area, their smoke caused even lower visibility.

As the group walked through the camp towards the command hut they received evil sneers from most of the forsaken, their glowing yellow eyes glaring at the trio everywhere they looked. It seemed they were not only unwanted, but the only actual living in the camp.

As they reached the command hut a forsaken walked out to meet them. He appeared to have been a lordaeron soldier in his former life, a sergeant by the looks of it.

‘’Ahh, Garrosh sends reinforcements?’’ the sergeant grinned as he said it.

Hearing the warchief’s name made Nah’ren anger boil back to the surface as he recalled the final moments of his leader perishing. He gritted his teeth to try and keep a stern face. He imagined Ruul and Marjak experiencing the same, because the sergeant didn’t get a reply.

The sergeant cocked his head. ‘’who send you!?’’ this time the sergeant shouted angerly. The undead were known for their temper.

Ruul was the one to reply. ‘’we were reassigned by our Chieftain’’

‘’And why is that?!’’ the sergeant cocked his head back again.

‘’for a battle report’’ he said.

‘’does Cairne not trust our lady’s reports?’’ the sergeant obviously didn’t know what had happened to Cairne yet, which was good, because that meant Ruul could continue his fictional story about the reason they were there for.

‘’he wanted a more detailed briefing’’ Ruul replied

‘’and for that he sends 3 mediocre fighters? Not a druid?’’

‘’all our druids are occupied with other matters, and we can’t afford to lose any, so the three of us volunteered’’

 ‘’very well, you will accompany me tonight. I’ll have Mr.Simmons here show you to your new tents.’’


Mr. Simmons led the three to their tents. Limping all the way because he was missing a foot. It took almost ten minutes to get there his tremendously slow pace.

‘’here you go, your new accommodation’’ Mr. Simmons gestured to a decrepit tent with holes in it and an oozing puddle in front of the entrance and smiled. The trio looked at each other, unsure if Mr.Simmons was just completely ignorant for the requirements of actual living soldiers, or if he assigned them one of the worst tents out of bitterness. They were inclined to think the former. ‘’have a good day gentlemen’’ he said and limped back to the command tent.


‘’new accommodation? I’m better off sleeping in a tree’’ Marjak remarked. Ruul walked over to the tent, carefully avoiding the oozing puddle. He lifted one of the flaps of the tent and a rat ran out, squeaking. Seconds later the tent collapsed. Ruul was left standing there with one of the flaps still in his hands. He looked up and saw their new neighbours, two forsaken, staring at him as they sat in front of their tent, no hint of emotion. ‘’hmm, awkward..’’


That night they joined the sergeant at the front. He was mounted on a dreadsteed.


A howl in the distance signalled the approach of an impending attack.

‘’Ready yourselfs!’’ the forsaken sergeant shouted. ‘’Keep tight formation, two rows. Do not let them come between us!’’ he drew his sword as he dismounted. The regiment scrambled into a semi-circular position. The Greymane wall was just visible through the trees, and as the moon rose above it Nah’ren caught a glimpse of the swarm of worgen coming over the wall.


It was not gonna be pretty. Ruul grabbed his satchel and threw down several totems in preparation. The forsaken deployed pikes to stop the worgen charge. ‘’Where are your archers sergeant?’’ Marjak asked. ‘’Archers are hopeless against these creatures, we only have swordsman.’’


‘’Here they come! For the dark lady!’’ the sergeant shouted.

‘’For Sylvanas!!’’ every forsaken in the regiment replied.


Moments later the worgen were upon them, several ran straight into the pikes. Others simply jumped over and rammed into the regiment. The forsaken where use to this, and put heavily armoured troops infront. The second line of infantry’s sole purpose was to push the front troops back into a line but before long the line collapsed and the worgen stormed through the gaps and it turned into individual combat.

Nah’ren was jumped by a worgen who had climbed through the trees.  The beast snapped at his face but Nah’ren threw his arm infront. He got bitten on his lower arm. He grunted in pain and dropped his sword. He drew his dagger with his left hand and retaliated with a thrust  into the Worgen’s chest. The worgen let go of his arm in agony but Nah’ren continued the assault. He grabbed the worgen with his freed right hand and stabbed him again. The worgen squirmed and ripped himself free and ran off.

Nah’ren quickly recovered and looked around to re-evaluate the situation. He heard the sergeant shouting out orders further down. He spotted Ruul fighting on the left flank, he had attracted a lot of attention with his magical totems. Ruul was fighting off at least half a dozen of the beasts with help of two of the forsaken. Nah’ren rushed to his aid but another Worgen Jumped him in the same manner, before he could finish the worgen off the left flank had collapsed. Strategically placed barrels were ignited on the left flank followed by several explosions, it decimated everything. Nah’ren saw Ruul get engulfed by flame together with other horde  and worgen. multiple pine trees caught fire and illuminated the scene 

The fight lasted less than ten minutes before the Worgen dispersed, mainly due to the smoke and flames, things that didn’t affect the forsaken very much.


“reassemble!’’ the sergeant shouted, he was back on his steed.  The forsaken regiment reassembled in a hasty fashion as if nothing had happened.

Nah’ren joined the sergeant in front, he spotted Marjak further down. ’’Good, he survived.’’ He said to himself.

‘’You should have that injury looked at by a healer tauren, it’ll get infected rapidly in these conditions’’ the sergeant suddenly said.

‘’Don’t worry, it’s not my blood’’ Nah’ren replied as he covered the bite with his vambrace.

The sergeant glared at him with his yellow eyes from atop of his steed., and then ordered the troops to move out like the conversation hadn’t taken place.

As the troops marched off Marjak stood on the opposite side of the troops.

‘’where’s Ruul?’’ he asked in a distressed voice, fearing the worst. Nah’ren simply looked back at him, but that was enough.

‘’How did it happen?’’ he asked in a somber voice, the last troops just walked past and silence fell. ‘’the line collapsed, he was caught in the explosions to stop the worgen…. Listen, I’ve been infected, you haven’t. Nah’ren showed him his wound, he could already feel the wound stinging.

‘’It’ll only a matter of time before I change, and only a matter of time before I will kill Gorrash. Marjan, go back home to Mulgore and live a peacefull live, I can do this on my own.’’

Marjan hesitated but agreed. ‘’farewell my friend, may the earthmother watch over you’’ and he walked off.

Nah’ren sat down and waited for his transformation to take place…

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