The Following events take place shortly after the fateful duel or ‘’mak'gora’’ between Garrosh Hellscream and Cairne Bloodhoof, in which Cairne was slain.

An angered tauren warrior turns to the alliance for help in an attempt to avenge his leader and rid the horde of a warmonger


2. Chapter 2: Desertion

Their reassignments were swiftly accepted, for the gilnean front did not receive many volunteers. It was a horrible place, and most that were sent out there never came back. The forsaken tried their best to stem the outbreak, but it was impossible, even for them. They already had years of experience fighting the creatures back when arugal cursed the land with his dark deeds. But this, this was not like anything they had ever encountered before. These creatures didn’t just roam around in solitude like arugal’s pets did.  These Worgen as they are known, attacked in the hundreds. Swarming over the greymane wall like locusts every night. everyone had heard the stories, the horrors of what the forsaken were fighting in silverpine.

This is where Nah’ren was heading, and he knew what he was getting into, but luckily he was not alone. Ruul and Marjak, two tauren from the tavern, had both decided to join him after he had explained his plan.

The trio had packed all their belongings needed for the journey and were ready to leave. They were eager to set their plan of vengeance in motion.

As Nah’ren shut the door to his lodge a wisp of wind blew through the corridor. He fell silent and listened.

Another wisp of wind blew through, and this time nah’ren could here faint wispers in the air   ‘’….may.. th.. ….mother …uide ….ou….’’    he smiled, because he knew what it meant, it was a common farewell blessing with his kind.

He recollected himself and went on his way.

He was set to rendezvous at the zeppelin. As he approached Ruul and Marjak were already there. The goblins were hurrying along with their chores as always. As they boarded the transport ship two orcs appeared from below deck. They were ‘’inspecting’’ as one of them put it.


‘’I enjoyed the ignorant bull finally being slaughtered’’ one said to the other. ‘’to think a cow could match an orc in strength.’’


Ruul and Nah’ren looked at eachother…seconds later Ruul blasted one of the orcs off the ship into the gorge below, the second orc shortly followed with the help of Nah’ren who kicked him off the side.


‘’Get us to the silverpine, now!’’ Nah’ren shouted, and the goblins scrambled to get the ship aloft, as they didn’t want to get hurt. The zeppelin took off almost immediately, leaving Orgrimmar behind. Now there was no turning back…

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