The Following events take place shortly after the fateful duel or ‘’mak'gora’’ between Garrosh Hellscream and Cairne Bloodhoof, in which Cairne was slain.

An angered tauren warrior turns to the alliance for help in an attempt to avenge his leader and rid the horde of a warmonger


1. Chapter 1: Anger, Remorse, Revenge

Shocked at the outcome of the duel and the death of Cairne, many of the tauren were angered by sight of Garrosh standing victoriously over his corpse. For many it was an unnecessary loss and an act of malice on Garrosh’s part. Some of the spectating bloodhoofs had to be restrained by their brethren while many of the orcs cheered at the victory of their warchief.

Several dozen fights broke out between the spectating horde, and while some tauren tried to confront Garrosh as he left the scene, they were stopped by the honour guards.

As curses flew through the air, some claim to have heard wispers of regret from Garrosh.

As Cairne was turned over onto his back by the druids on scene, blood gushed out of the wound gaping wound in his chest and reddened the arena sands….cairne could not be saved. A black liquid that resembled oil in appearance was clearly visible in his blood. As the last of the fights were broken up, Cairne was carried off the field.

It later became clear that the black liquid within his blood was poison, a poison which also seemed to prevent any form of healing attempted by the shamans and druids.


Orgrimmar was divided that day and tensions were high. Most of the tauren had converged into small cliques and kept interactions with other horde to a minimum. The tauren druids did their best to calm their kin, but toughts of revenge and defection were everywhere.

Nah’ren, an average but capable tauren warrior, was particularly distraught and angered by the events. He already held extreme animosity against the orcs for he held them responsible for the death of his brother, who had fallen in battle while trying to defend against an alliance advance. A battle his brother would never have been involved in if it hadn’t been for the bloodlust of the orcs. The apparent atrocities that Garrosh had committed recently only added to his increasing hatred of the warchief.

In his view the only reason the tauren were still at war was because of the allegiance to the horde. An allegiance that according to him, had now been broken due to the death of Cairne, the person who originally swore loyalty to the horde.

He made some of his intentions clear to the other tauren as they were seated around a table. ‘’Cairne must be avenged’’ he said and they all nodded in mutual agreement, though they would later differ in opinion as to how. ‘’We have to free ourselves from the Horde  pact’’ he continued. ‘’the orcs have manipulated us, used us, to aid them in THEIR war. We owed them a great debt yes, but that debt has been paid with blood of our brethren ten fold over. Countless of us have died in battle for their agenda. We have lost our true path’’. Most of the continued to nod in agreement, but a few disagreed.

‘’How do you propose we do this Nah’ren?’’ Kaill said ‘’Barge into the Grommash Hold and kill Garrosh?! It would spell disaster for the tauren, we would be declaring war on the Horde for all our kind, it’s out of the question.’’

Nah’ren lowered his voice and whispered in a hushed tone ‘’ we can desert…it wouldn’t cause any repercussions’’

Kaill scoffed and replied in a sarcastic tone: ‘’to whom, the Grimtotem? Their raids have almost caused more harm than this senseless war with the alliance has’’

Nahren: ‘’No, they’d never let us join them, they see us as traitors…no, to the alliance’’

The remark caused uproar within the group. ‘’What, the alliance? Have you lost your mind Nahren? Remember what they did to your brother!’’ Kaill shouted together with remarks that the others made. Some even left the table.

 ‘’That would never have happened if the orcs hadn’t started this fued!’’ Nah’ren shouted and slammed his fist on the table in anger

Silence fell over the room

Kaill recovered his calm and reaproached the situation from a different angle ’’Alright, suppose we would be willing, how exactly do you plan on doing that? Do not believe the alliance will welcome you with open arms, for I assure you that won’t happen’’.

’’Reassignment to silverpine’’ Nah’ren replied calmly.

‘’ what? The Gilnean front?! Have you lost your mind? You know as well as anyone that that’s death sentence! And that’s not to mention the treacherous forsaken they’l..’’

Nah’ren raised his hand  ‘’It’s the perfect way to desert, so many souls are lost there, it won’t even raise an eyebrow if we just disappeared. And as for the alliance welcome, I have the answer for that too……share the beast’s curse ‘’

Kaill: ‘’I’ve heard enough Nahren, the orcs have laid a burden on us yes, but to join the enemy, no I will not hear it’’

Most of the other tauren left with Kaill in search of a more diplomatic solution. Diplomacy with the Garrosh? No, that would never happen. Nah’ren knew this, and apparently so did a few others….

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