Be Brave!

Written by one of my pupils! Two boys - two perspectives. Bully and victim. Enjoy!


1. Be Brave!

Sunday 21st

It was a freezing, damp, a morning you don’t want to get up for. As I got up out of bed I knew straight away that there was something wrong, mum was been very noisy towards dad, yes there were arguing. Mum and dad don’t usually argue but whenever they did it wasn’t as bad as this time. I slowly creped down the creaky stairs to investigate what was happening. Just my skinny hand touched the cool door handle it flew open and hit me shoving me to the dad stomped through the door mumbling to himself. I thought it would be a better idea if I went out for a bit.


Sunday 21st

I wake up in a lifeless mood, not one of the best moods. As I stomp down the stairs I spot my dad drinking some kind of strong alcohol, gulping his life away. I slowly walk up to him hoping he won’t lash out at me. I ask him “dad what are you doing”. He reply’s in an aggressive tone “it’s none of your business so get lost”. So I listened and get out the house as fast as could, making sure I grabbed my footy.



Sunday 21st part 2

so I decided I should go to the park to see if any of my mates were there but there was a bunch of other kids who were playing football so I thought I’d join in. As I skidded across the drench football pitch I felt very uncomfortable like the boys didn’t want me there. One of the kid said “what do you want?” I quietly replied “I was wondering if I could play football with you”. The biggest kid replied in a deep voice “well you can but you have to play in defence”. I quickly replied “okay thanks”. As I was getting into the game one of the large boys smashed me into a massive puddle and all the boys started laughing my heart drop a million miles I’ve never felt so low, I quickly picked myself up and ran home as fast as I could.


Sunday 21st part 2

As I got to the park I saw all my mates playing football in the distance so I sprinted over to them every step I took I felt a squelch.  My mates told me to play upfront, I scored 3 goals within 6 minutes then this little boy came wanting to play football so we let him play. Another 10 minutes into the game the little ran into me and I sent him flying it was so funny then he started sobbing like a little girl and ran home. I think this boy goes to our school I might be able to bully him about yesterday.



Monday 22nd

School today couldn’t of been worse I’ve been bullied all day because I ran home yesterday. All the boys and girls were laughing at me because of what happened, the rumour has spread like a virus going from one person to another you just can’t stop it.




Monday 22nd

Today was so funny the little geeky kid who played football went of crying again it was the best. Tomorrow is going to be even better when we bully him even more I hope he cries for his mummy.



Tuesday 23rd

Okay today is a new day I’m going to tell a teacher about what’s happened and the teacher is going to sort everything out and I should be okay. So here I go I’m going into the school.



Tuesday 23rd part 2

Today went great all the teachers sorted it out, all the boys and girls looked petrified when they called them into the office and they said if there’s any more trouble I would come and see the teachers and tell them again. The bullies apologized and shook my hand and said it won’t happen again. So the morel of the story is don’t be scared to tell anyone about what’s wrong in your live. Don’t listen to what other people have to say stick up for yourself.BE BRAVE!

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