Pink Stripes

Written by one of my pupils! One mistake leads to months of bullying...


1. Pink Stripes

Beautiful, balmy, cloudless, the sun shone as bright as natural diamonds. The air rippled as the heat ascended off the stick tarmac of the playground.

The crazy deranged children’s shoes were squelching as they were pouncing into the schools enormous swimming pool.

Later on that day as Latisha climbed out of the Luke warm, baby blue, crystal clear water, she wondered off into the changing rooms were she could hear all the ‘popular’ girls screaming and shouting at each other.

As Latisha waited for a changing cubical, she could hear all the girls talking about the usual things they do talk about that concerns most popular and or normal people. The girl was very much considered as an abnormal, un-natural human being.

Just as Latisha was giving up on hope of not getting a cubical, one of the other ‘un-normal’ people slyly crept out of the creaky, thunderous, rosy red doors.

Latisha tiptoed into the rosy red doors; unfortunately it became apparent to Latisha that as she walked out of the changing rooms her Florissant, floaty, skirt was tucked into the back of her pink stripy and spotty knickers.

Everyone started getting their phones out and began to take pictures of Latisha. All the children were in hysterics, Latisha began to cry and ran away to home, and by the time she gets home she tells her parents about what’s happened.

Latisha then ran upstairs to her room and slammed the doors so hard the pictures on the wall shook as if there was an earthquake she then pounced onto her bed and buried her head into her pillow, she screamed and cried so much. Over the next few weeks everybody in school became apparent to the accident Latisha had and Latisha then became very fond of the name calling and bullying.

Latisha had, had enough and decided it was time to face the bullying and was going to tell the bullies straight, Latisha strolled over to them and opened a can of woopass and then told the pastoral team, the bullies then had to face the consequences and was put in inclusion and missed every lunchtime for the next 2 weeks for bullying Latisha and making her life hell for the past months.

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