It Was Just a Bit of Fun

Written by one of pupils! Two kids take on a dare and have to face the consequences!


1. Fun

“Urghhhhh” bellowed Charlotte and Bradina after Ryanna and Normana got dared to kiss. But Ryanna and Normana were just having a bit of fun and they didn’t know it would affect them for the next year and a half. The day after they kissed, that’s when it started, day 1 of the grief that was about to last for over a year.

Day 1 both of them walk into their classrooms like they have every morning since they have been at school, but today was different. They both felt like they didn’t want to enter the room. As soon as one of their feet stepped through the doorway there was no turning back. They both stepped into the classroom and there was a loud roar of ‘wahey!’, ‘that’s dirty!’, ‘GAYS!’, ‘disgusting idiots!. That’s what they got almost every day for 2 months.

 By then both of them couldn’t take it knowing round every corner there was someone who would stare and point and laugh out loud shouting ‘gay’ or ‘urgh’ to let other people know Ryanna and Normana was there for the other people to join in on the mick taking. Ryanna and Normana were the only friends each other had because they won’t ever trust charlotte and bradina again, and the friends they had before wouldn’t even make eye contact with them in case they get the mick taken out of them. Ryanna and Normana couldn’t defend themselves because they had nothing decent to come back at with. But if they did it would be something really pathetic like ‘I know you are, you said you are, but what am I’. after a while the micky taking faded away but it was still at a point where Ryanna and Normana didn’t want to live. Some people didn’t mind, some people gave them advice like ‘just ignore them’ or ‘go to the police about it’, but they didn’t listen or they were just too scared. Normana got so depressed she just ate and ate and ate non-stop, but it didn’t help her but she thought it did, she just became fat. After two weeks she had gained 20 pound. Ryanna on the other hand lost 10 pounds because she didn’t eat, and also became gay but hid it for a few years. The bullying spreaded because Normana went out and saw people her age who she didn’t know pointing and staring and whispering to the groups of friends they were in. stress just kept building and building and was never going to stop. This just shows how bad one little thing that as for fun can change in to a big thing that someone or some people will regret.

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