Written by one of my great pupils! Story about both sides of the topical issue of bullying - enjoy!


1. Orphan

Whilst it was raining, just a gloomy typical English day, Bobby was sat in his mind numbing maths classroom, dreaming about what life would be like if he was popular. Why might you ask? Bullies. Bobby can’t even think of the word. It destroys him inside. Tormentors you could call them.

Every night he would go to his orphanage after being bullied day after day. He did not feel comfortable telling anyone about it, as he doesn’t know his parents. The only person he could trust with his life is the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper may you ask? Well this one was special. His name is Victor. Bobby first met him when he was only three years old. They soon became the best of friends, however, Victor is much older. Victor has always been there for him and has never let Bobby down, not once. They were as close as peas in a pod.

On the other hand, back to the bullies. Jake and Ryan are their names. Jake was very self-assured. Extremely arrogant and outgoing. He thinks he is better, bigger than everyone else, he makes people feel like an ant under a giant’s shoe. Why? Why was he like this? Abuse. When Jake was a young boy he got abused he only learnt to be physical. He didn’t know right from wrong. Ryan was also abused but not as much as Jake. Instead Ryan didn’t have the best of all up-bringings.  His parents had split up and he hated it. Ever since his life got worse.

He hated seeing people with a better life than him. So he thought by bullying it would be the right thing to do. Jake and Ryan’s friendship was like a commander, commanding his troop in the army. Ryan would have to follow Jake and handle anything Jake threw at him.

During maths the teacher asked the class if anyone knew what seven times six was. Bobby started to take fright. He wasn’t the best at his six times table. Whenever he got a question wrong Jake and Ryan would shout ‘wheeey’! He would get exceedingly embarrassed. No one put their hand up, Bobby was picked. He uneasily replied, erm...erm... the whole class burst into humour. Bobby’s cheeks began to glow as red as a tomato. Nevertheless, he suddenly remembered what his friend said to him when he was learning his timetables. Bobby alertly stood up out of his seat and cried out ‘forty two, the answer is forty two’.

Everyone stopped and all there was, was silence. Ryan and Jake sat there looking miffed. The teacher was even a little surprised! The teacher thanked him for sharing his answer with the class and told him to sit back down. So Bobby then sat back down with the greatest, monstrous grin upon his face. Class has ended after an hour of immense fun! It was time for everyone to go home.

Jake and Ryan always walk home together, they used to go to the shop on the way back where Victor works. Alternatively, they had a bad experience and never went there since.  Knowing that Bobby lived in the orphanage, they would always wait just outside his house after his daily visit to Victor’s shop, always ready to shout something insulting. He always learnt to ignore it, and just walk on by.

Despite the ignorance they got from Bobby they would still irritate him. This would then continue over the internet. Bobby would have to cry himself to sleep most nights. He wanted to tell someone. He needed help. He was just too afraid to tell anyone. Even Victor. Alternatively, one day after school has finished, the bullies did their usual daily wait for Bobby. However, when Bobby had got to Victors shop he plucked up an unusual amount of courage and told Victor exactly what was going on. Bobby knew he couldn’t live like this for much longer. “Erm...Victor, i have something i have been meaning to tell you for a while now.” Bobby shaking as nervous as he was Victor replied

“Sure good friend, i will close the shop and then tell me what’s bothering you.”


Whilst Victor was closing the shop, Bobby anxiously sat on a chair waiting. “Now then, what’s on your mind?” Bobby’s eyes wondered all over the place. He wasn’t so sure he should tell him now. Nonetheless, Bobby then remembered the reason he came to Victor in the first place, he was Bobby’s best friend, he had the right to know. “Ah...erm... I’m getting bullied Victor and i don’t know what to do, i don’t know how to make them go away”. He burst into tears. Victor had a burst of rage for a moment! “Who are these people bullying you?”

“They are called Jake and Ryan.”

“What have they been doing to you?”

“They insult me during lessons, they follow me to school every morning and every night after school.” Even having to speak of the things they do to him made Bobby cry even more. Victors face dropped. “Jake and Ryan you say?”

“Yes Victor” Bobby could only just manage to talk to him.

“Why, i know these two boys, RATS! Horrible smelly rats those boys. You see Bobby, they used to come to my shop every night after school, i think i scared them a bit however, i didn’t mean to. It’s just the way i look. Anyway, they would nick food from here at first i never had a clue, until this one day, they both charged into my shop as though they had been drinking something. I thought to myself, there only children they are just a bit giddy. I watched them both very carefully, their every move, as i saw Jake nudge Ryan. Jake nodded his head like some sort of signal and i watched as Ryan slid a bag of strawberry bonbons into his pocket. I headed for the door to stop them getting away with it. They looked frightened. I wasn’t going to hurt them, although at the time i was full of rage!

I Shouted “What on earth do you think you’re doing?!” They started to take a few steps back. Ryan went bright red, i knew from that moment he didn’t want to steel. On the other hand, Jake stood there as if he was going to get off with a warning. Oh no, i don’t think so. So i then rang the police and their parents got involved. That was the last time i saw them two.”


Bobby’s head rose. “Wow Victor, i wish i had the courage that you had.”

“And you do so my dear friend, you just need to find it, and start believing in yourself.”

“Thank you friend, this has meant so much just being able to talk to someone about it, its lifted a load of weight off my back, thank you again.”

“It’s my pleasure Bobby. Tell you what i have a plan, drop into the shop before school in the morning, and we will sort this out.” Victor put his hand on Bobby’s shoulder and reassured him. His face brightened up like a child’s face on Christmas day. “Thank you, i will, thank you!” Bobby skipped back to the orphanage to find no Jake and no Ryan stood, waiting to throw insults at him.


Bobby was still smiling, he thought to himself, they must have given up and returned home. That is exactly what they did. Bullies wait for no one. It was half seven in the morning and Bobby had already started heading for Victors shop. He couldn’t wait to hear his plan. He entered the shop as Victor was there waiting. “Morning Victor, i know i am a bit early i just couldn’t wait to hear your plan!”

“It’s ok dear boy i have been here since half six.” Bobby smiled, out his bag down and sat down. “So then Bobby you want to hear my plan?”

“Yes yes i can’t wait to hear it!” Victor took out of a draw this strange looking hat.

“What is that for?” Bobby looked puzzled.

“This is a hat, however, it is not just any hat, you see that little black bit on the front of it?” He lowered the hat to Bobby’s height so he could see. “Yes, what is it for?”

“It is a built in video camera.”

“Wow! That’s awesome!”

“I know, and if you wear this hat wherever they bully you, we will soon catch them out!”

“What a great idea, thank you Victor, i will return later, after school!”

“Ok, just be careful.” They both smiled at each other, and Victor gave Bobby some breakfast before going to school.


On the other hand, Jake and Ryan set off to school and met in their usual meeting place, just around the corner from Bobby’s orphanage. They walked to where they normally catch Bobby setting off to school. Strangely this time there was no sign of him. Ryan nudged Jake “Oi, where is he? We didn’t see him last night either.”

“I’m not sure mate, we should see him somewhere, come on let’s just keep going.” They both carried on with their heads down. There was no sign of Bobby all the way to school, until they entered the classroom. Bobby was sat there with his stuff already set out on his desk, he was ready to learn. “There he is!” Jake shouted loud enough so Bobby could hear him. “Ha, where were you this morning? We missed ya!” Bobby made sure the camera was on him. “I was seeing a friend, nothing that you need to know.”

“Ha, whatever. What’s that hat you got on your head, a bit old int it?”

“Is my hat affecting you?”

“Well no mate but it’s a bit shabby.”

“Well then it’s fine”

“Pha, whatever.” The bell rang for registration.


The teacher politely asked Bobby to remove his hat. So Bobby did, placing the hat on his desk making sure the hidden camera captured everything Jake and Ryan did and said. After another day at school of Bobby getting laughed at and insulted the bell had rung. It was time to go home. The boys did their daily routine of following Bobby home and insulting him. He made sure all of it was caught by the camera. He got to Victors shop that is of course when Jake and Ryan would leave him. “Victor, you there?”


“Yes dear boy, did you do it?” Bobby had the biggest grin upon his face.

“Yes Victor, i caught as much as i could.”

“Great! Let’s have a look shall we!” They both sat down and watched it all through. Victors face was horrified. “My dear boy, how can you go through this everyday?”

“Honestly, Victor i do not know.”

“Well you shouldn’t have to go through with this for much longer, i am putting and end to all of this.”

“But how?”

“Oh, you will see Bobby, you will see.” Bobby looked a bit confused, and a bit worried to what Victor was going to do. “err...err ok Victor, just promise me you won’t hurt them?”

“Oh, of course i won’t! Don’t be so silly.”

“Well ok then Victor, see you tomorrow.”



Tomorrow came. Bobby left the orphanage to go to Victors shop just before school. He saw no sign of Jake and Ryan on the way there. He entered Victors shop. “Morning, you haven’t done anything to them have you?!”

“Oh, hello there, of course i haven’t, not yet anyway.”

“Please Victor you promised you’re not going to hurt them.”

“I hope not. I need to get to school now, see you later.”

“Have a nice day, bye!” Bobby nervously walked to school, still no sign of them. There they were. Already sat in the classroom. 


Bobby began to hesitate. He just sat down, keeping his head low. Jake looked at Ryan and they both grinned, “Ha, it’s him, what happened to that hate? Grandma steal it? Pha!” Bobby didn’t reply. He just sat there quietly, he didn’t want to get into an argument, however, he was too busy thinking about what Victor was going to do. Nothing had changed. They still spent their time laughing and insulting him. The day had ended, the bell rang once more. Bobby started to get extremely nervous. He had no idea why. Jake and Ryan started to follow him.


Bobby got to Victors shop. It was closed. Just before Jake ad Ryan left they saw that Bobby couldn’t enter the shop. Bobby started to panic. The boys started marching closer towards him. He closed his eyes hoping that it was all just a dream. The footsteps stopped. There was no noise. Bobby slowly opened his eyes to see a tall figure stood right in front of him. The figure was Victor. Bobby’s heart sounded like a drum beat getting faster and faster. He crept out from behind Victor. “What on earth do you think you are doing?” Victors voice filled the air with silence. “Erm...erm... we just came to see our friend Bobby, isn’t that right Ryan?” Jake nudged him with fear.

“Erm yes that’s right, we just came to say hi.” He just went along with it. Victor looked at Bobby and mumbled, “Get the camera.”

“Er, yes ok”


He snuck in behind the shop through the back door and grabbed the camera off the counter. Victor had hold of the two boys as Bobby came back out. Victor made them watch the whole video. “See, you’re bullies, you’re despised, you’re horrible people.” No laughing, no insults thrown, and no hatred. Bobby even started to see tears in Ryan’s eyes. “What do you two have to say for yourselves?” They both looked at Bobby who was trying so hard not to show any emotion. “We’re sorry Bobby, we shouldn’t of been treating you like that all these years, i guess we had nothing better to do and we thought by being exceedingly mean to you it was the result to our problems. However, it made everything worse, we’re sorry.”


It brought a tear to Bobby’s eye. He has never heard Jake say anything like that before in his life. “It’s ok you guys, i’m glad you noticed what you did was wrong.” They both smiled. Ryan looked up at him.

“Friends?” Bobby looked up at Victor and smiled. He then looked Ryan deeply in the eyes and happily replied back, “Friends.” At that moment things could only get better. “We’re sorry Victor, about the dreadful past we had. It will never happen again, we promise.” Those two last words made Victors ears ring with joy! “It’s ok boys, just don’t do anything to upset my best friend again.”

“We won’t”


After that mind blowing day Victor opened up his shop and got back to work. Every morning and every evening Jake, Ryan and Bobby would all walk to and from school together. Making daily visits to Victors shop along the way. They would never forget the day they made peace.

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