One of my pupils has written this! Examines the topical issue of bullying - both sides of the story entry!


1. Victim.

I crept back home, checking every road before I crossed hoping I would never encounter that man again. I arrived home looking for my mum so I could explain what happened during the day. Once I finished telling her about what happened she just said “oh of course, maybe you should sleep on it. You have had a long day go get a shower and have an early night.”  There was no way I could convince her to believe me.  The best I could do was doing what she says, for now.  A few days later I had Mr.Phil to worry about. I had all of my equipment so he could not tell me off for the smallest things. Luckily the lesson was a success, I knew what i was doing and I had all my equipment.  The lessons were starting to get out of hand again, I didn’t know what to do and Mr. Phil was ignoring me again.  I got the head of year and explained what has happened during all the English lessons.  Halfway through the next lesson I had the head of year suddenly came in and noticed Mr.Phil shouting at me for no reason, the head of year ask calmly for Mr.Phil to step outside of the classroom.  He spoke to Mr. Phil and gave him another chance, he said “one more time and your out of this school as fast as I click my finger! Got it!”.  Mr.Phil came back into the room and instantly looked at me like he was going to do something to me.  I knew something was going to happen, something bad… I was walking home one day making sure Mr.Phil was not behind me, I was just about to go home when I was a few yards away from home and someone grabbed me from behind, I tried to shout and scream but could not, I heard an eerie voice say “this is for ruining my job, and my life!” He should of regretted of shouting as my neighbour heard and luckily I knew him well, coincidence he was a martial arts black belt in karate.  My neighbour soon took over the problem and  the police were here in minutes. Mr.Phil was charged for assault and child abuse, he was charged three years in jail.  I never seen him again.

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