Fight Me If You Can.

Written by one of my pupils. Examines the issue of bullying. Enjoy!


1. Fight Me If You Can

As the sun drew into the small windows of the school, there was a class that was badly behaved. At this they were in an English lesson. There is one thirteen year old in this class called Thomas, and he is a caring and bubbly person. All the others in his lessons see him as a teacher’s pet.

 In this class there were three other pupils, these were called, Billy, Alex and Sam. these people always wound Thomas up and would never stop on how much of a teacher’s pet he was.

 The teacher likes having Thomas in her class. She doesn’t like having Billy, Alex and Sam in her class as she thinks they just wind him up way too much.

 Everyday Thomas goes into school and gets treated like a wild animal by other pupils. He goes home, goes straight up into his room and then watches documentaries or does his homework.

His mum was noticing that he had been in his room a lot and that he is never out of it so she asked him one night. He is one of the people that like to keep it all built up inside him and says no and that he is okay. 

This happens for the next few weeks and he was in his room every night. His mum went to have a face to face with him. Thomas just got to his feet and then walked away. His mum tried to communicate with him for the next week but with no success. He goes to school every day for the next two weeks.

All of this bullying really gets to his head and messes with his mind. After these two weeks one night he came home one night and he seemed fine to his mum and he says to her that everything is okay now.

The next night he came home and went straight up to his room, he got his belt went in to his cupboard and hung himself. Ten minutes later his mum came up to ask him what he wanted for tea and then she saw. There he was hung in the cupboard. She rung and ambulance and they rushed him to hospital. That was the end of Thomas’s life. The family was devastated to hear such dreadful news. The teacher was shocked when she had found out what had happened.

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