This is my first post. My story is about the issue of bullying - enjoy!


1. Where has Individuality Gone?


The sound of the rain hitting against the window at a rapid pace sounded like a heard of African elephants at first sight of food. Outside the sky was jet black and didn’t look like there was an end to the rain. This wasn’t the best way to start Phoebe’s day. She rolled over and stretched in preparation to eventually start her day ahead. Today at school was non-uniform day and Phoebe was eager to choose what to wear.

With this in mind she scurried as quick as she could down the freshly carpeted stairs to the fresh scent of her mum burning the toast.

‘Morning mum have you burnt my toast….again? Questioned Phoebe

‘Good morning darling, well there was a miss hap with the toaster sorry, oh whilst I remember, despite the weather conditions you need to walk to school as I need to scoot off to work’ explained mum

‘But mum its non-uniform and I’ll get wet’ complained Phoebe

‘Take an umbrella, anyway eat your toast and go get ready’ demanded mum

‘But muumuu…fine’ Phoebe said angrily


Phoebe dashed upstairs whilst her mum prepared herself to face the fatal weather to set off to work.

As soon as Phoebe opened up her wardrobe clothes seemed to burst out at her as if they had been deliberately squashed in to make the wardrobe fit to pop. She raided the mass of clothes in her room until she came to the perfect outfit that suited the weather; A patterned wooly jumper with three quarter satin trousers with stocking. Phoebe dressed herself promptly however had a strong feeling something was going to happen at shool. She checked herself from head to toe brushing her long, brown straight gleaming hair trying to avoid all the knots possible. Her aqua coloured eyes reflected back at her from the mirror. She then ventured downstairs not as quick this time as she was prolonging the time before facing the torrential rain. After collecting her smart rucksack, and of course the umbrella, she edged her way to the heavy wooden door that seemed to weigh a tonne even compared to Phoebe and her plump figure.


As Phoebe placed her umbrella up the force of the gale force wind seemed to buckle it and make it slightly wonky. This was the only umbrella in the house so she stuck with it and started her walk down the little country lanes to get to school where she couldn’t wait to see her friends. Walking down these country lanes seemed to make Phoebe feel like she had been walking for days, her legs were aching as if she had ran a marathon. The lane was muddy and Phoebe was scared that she would get dirty before even getting to school. In the horizon Phoebe could see one of the so called ‘Barbie dolls’ India’s car approaching her. Phoebe moved onto the grass verge, in front of her was what seemed to be a lake of water from the rain. The car, a large gleaming sliver jeep with water droplets rapidly running down the dorr, seemed to be approaching at a rather accelerated pace. There was no consideration for Phoebe who was stood in the rain, cold. Phoebe thought that the car  deliberately went past her to make the lake like puddle hit Phoebe like a tidal wave hit’s the land. She stood dripping from head to toe and was still standing there with this awful thought of India’s smug face watching as Phoebe now looked like a drowned rat. Maybe another reason for India to be mean to Phoebe.


Phoebe was determined not to let this ruin her day, so she continued her trudge (in the rain of course) sighting school and Phoebe could see everyone looking glamorous in their own clothes but then her eyes were drawn to the attention of the most popular girls in the school, Vicky the girl who had everything going for her, she possessed a wonderful figure that made Phoebe jealous as she wasn’t the skinniest person at school. Vicky also had blonde hair what more could she ask for? Followed closely by Joelle who was dressed in funnily enough exactly the same as Vicky. Joelle had to be Centre of attention twenty four-seven however Phoebe thought she had a great figure and hair that fell perfectly. Seeing these made Phoebe suddenly feel nervous and very timid to walk past them. Phoebe couldn’t find Indiana India to her friends, until she heard her shrill laugh and saw her emerge in the distance. India summered her girls, Vicky and Joelle, and then their heads all bolted to face Phoebe walking through the gates. They all laughed disrespectfully and made there way towards Phoebe.

‘haha looking slightly…wet hah!’ Laughed India and the girls


Phoebe tried paying no attention to what the girls said and continued walking to the entrance of the building. Although Phoebe didn’t look bothered on the outside, she was deflating all the time on the inside and her confidence was being knocked. As Phoebe walked into the dated school everybody looked the same and no one looked different. Phoebe felt out of place drastically and was uncomfortable being there. The door clunked shut behind her and everyone’s eyes seemed to be glued to Phoebe as she walked down the corridor. The sound of faint sniggering ran straight through Phoebe and made her feel as if she was trapped for being herself and wearing what she wanted.  People who didn’t even know Phoebe kept shouting out snide comments that weren’t necessary like ’loving the jumper’ or ’ um smell of wet dog, my favourite’. Phoebe couldn’t wait to get to her form room where she could see her friends who didn’t judge her. As she walked briskly into her form room Phoebe’s friend was sat with the ‘Barbie dolls’ and was dressed in the same as everyone else not like usual. At the first sight of Phoebe they burst into laughter. Phoebe was confused, ‘ I thought you were my friends’ explained Phoebe. Phoebe was feeling strange at this moment in time as she couldn’t handle the fact everyone wouldn’t accept her for who she was and what she was. Tears filled her eyes like water fills a cup. This was unusual for Phoebe, she couldn’t stay in the room ay longer so she ran as quick as she could picking up her bag and went to the toilets where she could dry her eyes. She entered the toilets exceptionally arrogantly as she was sick of the humiliation. There in front of her was the ‘Barbie dolls’ they seemed to have known exactly where Phoebe was going.

‘Hush little baby don’t you cry’ sarcastically sung Joelle

‘Go away’ demanded Phoebe

‘Oooh someone is touchy’ announced India

‘I SAID GO AWAY’ shouted Phoebe

Phoebe locked herself in the toilet and listened to the girls laughing and making pathetic jokes about the way Phoebe was dressed. She sat with her head in her hands totally deflated and crying consistently. Eventually the girls got the picture to go and leave Phoebe alone. Phoebe was glad to hear them go, it was finally peaceful.


The bell rung for break and Phoebe decided to come out of the toilet so she brushed herself down and cleaned her run makeup. After sorting herself out she made her way to the playground to get some fresh air. Vicky was on her own and ran up to Phoebe and gave her the biggest hug possible.

‘I’m so sorry Phoebe’ Apologized Vicky

‘I only do it because I’m scared of India and I daren’t not do anything that she says and also I have to praise you for wearing your own clothes I get scared that I will be judged like you and dressing the same makes me feel confident’ Explained Vicky.

‘India will go mad if she sees you talking to me, try being yourself people will eventually get to terms and accept you from who you are’ replied Phoebe

‘I don’t care what India says’ answered Vicky s

‘Shall we walk to next lesson together?’ asked Phoebe

Phoebe and Vicky walked with each other to the next lesson and no snide comments were made apart from India and Joelle appeared and couldn’t believe their eyes at the fact Vicky was walking with Phoebe. Vicky wasn’t bothered in the slightest that the girls were stood there, in fact she was actually proud and happy to get to know Phoebe and realise that she was a really nice girl. All day India didn’t speak to Vicky or Phoebe, mucky looks were just given which Phoebe wasn’t fazed by. This whole experience was weird for Phoebe because for once in her life she wasn’t being judged. Walking down the corridors now was totally different, no one stood laughing as they had finally realised that because Vicky had started talking to her she wasn’t such a ‘freak’ for being herself, they had actually accepted who she was.


Finally the bell rung for the school day to finish and Phoebe and Vicky skipped happily out of the gates past India and Joelle laughing. Phoebe couldn’t believe what had happened today, she had made best friends with someone who used to judge her.

‘Do you want to come to mine for tea?’ questioned Phoebe

‘I would love to’ replied Vicky

Phoebe and Vicky made their way to Phoebe’s house where her mum was making lasagne for tea.


It was 9 o’clock, Vicky thought that it was time for her to return back home after a great day with Phoebe.

‘Thank you so much for tea it was lovely and sorry about judging for such a long time before I even knew what an amazing girl you were, im not even bothered if I have lost Joelle and India’ explained Vicky

‘I just can’t believe you let India boss you around because you were scared of her’ Replied Phoebe

‘I know, sorry’

‘Anyway it is time that you went, your mum will be wondering where you are, meet me at the shop at 8 in the morning’ explained Phoebe

‘WILL DO, BYE’ Shouted Vicky


Phoebe watched with a huge grin on her face as Vicky ran down the road in the torrential rain until she was out of sight. She knew know that her school life was going to be totally different now she had a best friend who realises and excepts Phoebe for who she was. This made Phoebe proud for standing up for herself.

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