The Uncaring Caretaker

This is my first post. Hope you enjoy it!


1. The Story

Ben was a small boy for his age, had very few friends and an only child. He didn’t associate himself with everyone else. He was often seen kicking his football around the street alone.

Yesterday Ben was outside enjoying the sun when a group of bullies from his class came and stole his football. Ben watched in horror as they kicked it through old Hardmans window. Naturally the bullies ran off and left Ben standing in the middle of the street not knowing what to do. Ben heard Mr Harman clatter through his house rushing to get to the front door to find out who had just made a hole in his green house. Ben sprinted round the corner of the street not wanting to be seen. He could hear the bullies laughing further up the street.  Ben ran home and went straight up to his room. Tears streaming down his face. He was alone, frightened and worried.  He knew the bullying was never physical. At least if it was physical he would be able to show someone. Yet he knew nothing much would be done about it.

 The next day Ben was cycling along to school as usual he was by himself. Ben knew he was inferior to everybody else. He felt like the clouds were following his every move like a lion follows it’s prey. He could feel the rain penetrating his clothes soaking him through. .  Ben could see the gates to the school as he rounded the corner of the street.  Fear started take over as he got closer to the school, he could feel his body shaking. Anticipation on his breath.  He was hoping today would be a good day for him but he knew that would never happen. He would see Mr Hardman.  Ben took his bike around the back of the school to the bike sheds where he hoped it would be safe. People in the past let his tyres down and taken off his chain. He was hopeful that no one had seen him this morning

Phil Hardman woke up at precisely 6am every morning. This was in order to do his daily weight training. Phil Hardman was at his peak of physical fitness. He was a strict and well disciplined caretaker who used to be respected officer in the royal marines. Normally Phil was a pretty relaxed man, but there was one thing he hated the most and that was kids who think they knew it all. Phil had bad experiences with children in the past mainly because of the smashed windows and marks on the side of his house caused by footballs. Not to mention the now smashed green house at the back of his garden.  He had a pretty good idea who it was and he was seeking revenge. Phil set off to school in a foul mood he was pumped up and ready to find the culprit.

Ben was lingering around the school gates waiting for the bell to go. He didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone, thinking that it would give them an excuse to ridicule him and call him names.  He was thinking to himself that it has been a pretty good day so far. That was until he saw Mr Hardman pull up in the staff car park. Things could only get worse from here. Ben had had past experiences with Mr Hardman and he still had his football!

Phil was just pulling up into the car park the rain bouncing off his car when he spotted out of the corner of his eye Ben Williams. Ben was the boy who lived near Phil and he was the suspect number one for the football incident and Phil had him in his sights. As Phil unloaded the tools from the back of his car. He could see Ben stood next to the school gates staring at him. He knew Ben was going to try and avoid him whatever it took. School should be a safe place for Ben where he should not feel threatened, but not today.

Ben managed to get to lessons unscathed but he knew lunchtime was looming. This would be his biggest obstacle of the day. Ben was ready to run at the first sign of trouble like a cheetah protecting it’s cubs. He knew people would be watching him taking every chance to try and make fun of him. Lucky for Ben the day passed without any trouble. Or so he thought!

The final bell was coming,  he was counting down the seconds in his head. Brrrrrriiiiiiinnnnggggg. The bell rang and Ben ran onto the playground eager to get to the bike sheds first and beat the crowds which converge around them at the end of the day.

Yet again he was hoping that no one saw him. As Ben approached the bike sheds there was a big swarm of people pointing and laughing at his bike. He guessed that was not the case.

He was horrified to find that his tyres were flat, his seat had been slashed by a knife and there were pink tassels attached to his handle bars. Ben was mortified he wanted the ground to open up and swallow him! He quickly fiddled with his lock and managed to pull his bike from the crowd.

Phil was watching him chuckling to himself. He couldn’t believe that he had pulled it off without anyone seeing him. Phil had waited until the grounds cleared after lunch and ran straight for the bike sheds. He had a plan. It was to humiliate Ben as much as possible. So far it was working. “That will teach you not to kick footballs at my greenhouse” he muttered

Ben was in floods of tears. Everyone was jeering at him and calling him a girl. He just wanted to go home and forget about it all. Their words were shredding right through him, going straight to his core. People would be talking about this event for a long time to come! As Ben pushed his bike home the rain started to fall again. He was cold, wet and miserable. His bike was ruined. Ben knew his parents would be livid at the fact that someone had done such a thing to his bike, but he didn’t want to think about that at the moment. He was still worried about what people would be saying about him when he got back to school. He knew it would be all over the internet by the time he got home. The worst thing was he couldn’t do anything about it.  The rain was dripping of his nose and running down his arms. The wind was blowing down the street hitting Ben with every gust. When he arrived home Ben didn’t speak to his mum or dad. He went straight to his room and cried. He couldn’t bear another day at school!

Phil was contented with himself when he arrived home he felt like he had just achieved a mission in The Falklands and he was on his way back to base. A burden was lifted off his shoulders. He felt cleansed but had he done the right thing? Would he be ever brought to justice?

Ben was thinking about what he could do to resolve the situation and end the humiliation that was occurring. He was researching what he could do on the internet. After half an hour of reading Ben came to the conclusion that he just needed to ignore anything to do with people making fun of him and speak to his teacher. He knew he wouldn’t be able to find the culprit but he could have a damn good go!

Would Ben ever feel like he would be accepted in society? 

Would he ever make any friends?

Will Phil stop bullying Ben?

Ben managed to get to school the next day even though people were making fun of him he didn’t care! He knew that he wasn’t the one with the problem. He thought that if people didn’t want to be near him they didn’t have to.

Meanwhile Phil Hardman was in the Head Masters office after a review of the CCTV. Phil was seen attaching pink tassels and slashing the seat. He later escorted of the premises and never seen again.

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