Dancing Queen

Sadie is at a ballet audition for her school's summer ballet.


2. Stage fright

The music started and Sadie's body relaxed enough for her to begin her plies. The famililiar pattern of bending and stretching slowly soothed her and removed the tension caused by the audition. When she moved into the centre at last ahe was warm and ready to dance.

The first exercises went well. Sadie had always had a quick brain and easily picked up the enchainements set by the teacher. At last the lesson neared its end. To finish every girl had to dance a prepared piece on their own. Each girl hoped desperately that they wouldn't be first.

"Sadie please,"

Sadie's heart jumped into her throat. She couldn't believe how unlucky she was. Quickly she ran into the centre watched by her teacher and  all the other girls. Her techer nodded to the pianist and the music began.

Sadie loved this dance and as she moved in time with the music she forgot all her fears and hopes simply revelling in the joy of the dance. She flew across the floor as lightly as a bird, as freely as the wind.

But as she turned her head in an arabesque she caught her teachers eye and suddenly it was as if that icy winter's wind was howling through the hall. It drowned out the music and turned her body to ice once again. She was like a rabbit caught in the headlights and petrified to move.

The pianist stopped playing and everyone stared at her. Sadie gave a sob and ran to escape their accusing stares. She barreled out of the door and rushed to the toilets in the changing rooms where she could cry alone.

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