Dancing Queen

Sadie is at a ballet audition for her school's summer ballet.


1. Audition

It was Tuesday evening; midwinter with Christmas drawing ever closer. As Sadie walked down the street to her dance class the warm colours of the Christmas lights cut through the freezing air to light up the dreary street with Christmas excitement. The lights flashing in her eyes put Sadie in a mood for dancing: she wanted to perform.

When she entered the warm changing rooms at her dance school there was a buzz of excitemant that was not caused by the Christmas season. Today were the auditions for the ballet that would take place in the summer. As the girls dressed and limbered up they were aware that today they would have to dance the best they ever had.

"Is my bun all righ?t" asked Rosie, running up to Sadie. She was nervous. Sadie could tell by the defiant angle of her head. She'd be fine though. Rosie was the best dancer in the class.

"It's fine!" Sadie tried to smile reassuringly but the butterflies that had just started flapping in her own stomach turned it into more of a nervous grimace.

Suddenly younger girls from the class before were pouring into the changing rooms. Sadie just had time to adjust the ribbons on her shoes one last time before she had to run into class with the others.

Sadie tried to run as lightly as possible across the room to the barre. She felt the familiar wood beneath her palm and tried to stand straight and tall. She took a deep breath and tried to remember how she had felt under the Christmas lights on the way. But all she could remember was the piercing cold winter's air. She felt frozen to the spot!

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