Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm Natalie and this is the story of my life. I live in the most boring place in the world. I know it's kind of weird for a fourteen year old to write a diary but please listen as no one else does.



2. My Dreary Town

Dear Diary,

I live in this boring village called Hiton. There are only 2000 inhabitants. All that's in it is, a primary school, secondary school, houses and a couple of shops. I absolutely hate it here. The nearest cinema or leisure centre is half an hour away. I moved here five years ago when my mum and dad got divorced. My mum wanted to move far away from my dad so we moved to a remote village. I don't even know if my dad is alive or in hospital or in jail. When we moved here my mum got rid of her mobile phone so that my dad has no way of contacting us. I really miss him.

My house is one of the biggest houses seeing as I have three sisters and my twin brother. I actually only talk to my brother Jack. I don't want to talk to my sisters who are seventeen, eighteen and nineteen. My mum was only twenty when she had Melanie. She was an accident, so were Lindsay and Scarlett. In fact me and my brother were the only ones that were planned, but even then my mum and dad weren't expecting twins. At first I thought my mum divorced my dad because he wanted another child but of course that wasn't the case. As you could imagine, as I was growing up I wasn't getting a lot of attention seeing as I had three big attention seeker sisters. As soon as they hit teenage years, they were bringing boys home and locking the door. One day I decided to hide in one of my sisters room to see what her and her boyfriend were doing. Big mistake. They started kissing and before they could go any further, I ran out of my hiding place screaming and ran into my room. My mum used to have 'talks' with my sisters so as usual they were getting all of the attention. Melanie is engaged and I can't decide whether she's pregnant or not. It's hard to tell seeing as she isn't wearing her tight tops any more.

Sometimes I feel as if my mum forgets about me and Jack but now I've got you to talk to.

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