Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm Natalie and this is the story of my life. I live in the most boring place in the world. I know it's kind of weird for a fourteen year old to write a diary but please listen as no one else does.



3. Back to School

Dear Diary,

Today was the first day of school and as usual it was just 6 hours of torture.

This morning I put more effort into my appearance than usual, it just shows how desperate I am for a friend. I straightened my hair and pleated the front parts to look like a crown and I put on a little bit of mascara. Seeing as I was taking a lot longer in the bathroom that I share with Scarlett than I usually do, I got some knocks on the door and shouts telling me to hurry up. I didn't care that she wouldn't get as much time as she usually does because it wasnt going to affect me. Me and Jack walk to school whereas Melanie takes Scarlett to school and then drops Lindsay off at her job at the local hairdressers before driving to the city to go to University on a Monday. I can't wait until Scarlett goes to Uni because then I will only see them at he weekend. Melanie boards at the Uni because it's so far away and is a bit too much to travel each day.

On the route to school we pass the houses of the 'popular' kids, even though we only have 300 pupils so there isn't exactly a lot to compete for spot. The seniors that can afford cars drive by us laughing and talking, mostly about other people. Unlike the 'populars', I concentrate on my school work because one day I hope to get out of this town.

When the bell finally rang that announced he beginning of school, I was sitting in registration in my usual seat at the bag of the class all alone. Even my brother has his own group of friends. The head teacher, Mrs Dora, walked in and announced to the class that we have two new pupils called Jason and Ella, who happen to be twins. Jason was tall and blond and seriously good looking and Ella was around average height with long golden hair that went down to her waist. They both had smiles on their faces, a big difference to the usual moapy faces. The only empty seats were beside me so Ella and Jason sat on either side of me. I know I should have offered to move up one so that they could sit together but I just couldn't be bothered.

After class was over, Ella and Jason came up to me and Ella introduced herself, "Hi I'm Ella and this is my twin Jason."
'Oh wow,' I thought to myself. Did she not listen to the teacher when she introduced them to us.
I put on the friendliest smile I could and replied, "Hi it's nice to meet you. I'm Natalie and that's my twin brother, Jack over there trying to drink a whole bottle of coke in a oner."
"Oh that's a coincidence that we are both twins."
"I know you don't get many of them."
My eyes kept darting over to look at Jason and I think he might have seen me but oh well.
"Could you maybe show us where Art is?"
"Just follow me that's where I'm going to." I think maybe this could be the start of a very good friendship.

I'll keep you updated.

Natalie :-)
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