Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

I'm Natalie and this is the story of my life. I live in the most boring place in the world. I know it's kind of weird for a fourteen year old to write a diary but please listen as no one else does.



4. A New Friendship?

Dear Diary,

Today at school Ella invited me round to her house for dinner tonight. I of course said yes. This entry is going to be short because I have to get ready to go over to her house.

Lately at school I've been hanging out with Ella and Jason. They are in most of my classes and we meet up at lunch. The more I hang out with them, the more I think we could be great friends, and hopefully more with Jason, by the way he is sooooooo gorgeous!!! I am actually starting to enjoy school because I have people to talk to.

I don't know what to wear to Ella's house. Fancy or casual? I think I might wear my skinny jeans and a nice top. Yeah, that should be fine. Oh just realised the time. I'll write more after I come back. Bye.

Love Natalie xx
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