Set in the World of Warcraft Universe, this is a tale about 2 young lovers in the Scarlet Crusade torn apart by fate and death.


Jake is a young and kind-hearted member of the Scarlet Crusade who falls in love with his childhood friend Rachel, but the two of them are eventually torn apart when Jake is killed and raised into undeath, eventually becoming one of the Forsaken.

However, their paths eventually cross yet again...


9. Vengeance



High General Brigitte Abbendis knelt in front of the altar, praying like she did every single night, troubled by dark thoughts.

Why isn’t the Light speaking to me anymore?

Abbendis prayed, hoping for even a whisper from the Light, but her concentration was shattered by the sound of a heavy boot on the marble floor of the cathedral.

Abbendis opened her eyes. She stood up and swiveled around to see Rachel standing beside Jake. Her lips curled into a contemptuous snarl.

“I always knew your faith and your resolve was weak, Captain,” Abbendis said. “But to turn against the Onslaught, and side with the damned? That’s a new low, even for you, Rachel.”

“You don’t remember me, do you, Abbendis?” Jake asked in a hollow voice that echoed through the halls of the cathedral. “We have a score to settle, from that day 3 years ago, in Northpass tower.”

A flicker of recognition passed through Abbendis’ eyes. “So it’s you,” she noted, with a mocking tone to her voice. “Rachel’s sweetheart.”

She noted Jake’s decay with derision. “How fitting that the Scourge chose to raise you as one of their own. Worthless filth in life, the same in undeath.”

Jake ignored the insult and drew his runeblade.

“Your madness needs to stop, Abbendis,” Rachel spoke up. “The Crusade has been corrupted and driven to extremes by you; it is no longer even a shadow of its cause now. Killing indiscriminately and fanaticism isn’t the way to stop the undead, Abbendis. It makes you no different from them. This has to stop.”

“Shut up, Rachel!” Abbendis screamed at her. “What would you know about our cause? You’re weak, and the weak have to be purged!” Abbendis turned to Jake. “And you!”

“I will take great pleasure in ending your life. Again.” Abbendis declared, and advanced.

 Jake thrust his blade at her, but Abbendis dodged and struck at Jake with her hatchet. Her strike’s angle was off and her blade simply glanced off Jake’s armor. Abbendis spun around and used her shield to bash Jake in his face. Jake staggered back and Abbendis was about to attack again when Rachel came up behind her and tried to strike Abbendis.

Abbendis instantly whirled around and kicked Rachel in her gut. Rachel grunted in pain and stopped, and Abbendis slammed Rachel with her shield. Rachel fell down and hit her head against a pillar, dazing her.

“Don’t try to be a hero,” Abbendis snorted. Then Jake was upon her, unleashing a flurry of blows. Abbendis blocked his attacks with her shield, but one of Jake’s attacks got through and he cut a deep gash down the side of her head. Abbendis gritted her teeth and ignored the pain. She swung her hatchet, going under Jake’s defense and striking him in the gut. His armor cushioned most of the blow, but it still hurt.

Abbendis backhanded him, not giving him a moment to recover, and the sting of the backhand reminded Jake of that day in the tower, where Abbendis had backhanded him in similar fashion.

Jake executed a kick at Abbendis, but she blocked it and grabbed his foot. She pulled and Jake lost his balance. Jake teetered clumsily and fell.

At that moment, a ghoul ran into the cathedral. Jake had killed several unfortunate guards outside the cathedral and raised them as ghouls as a distraction outside. One had gotten loose. Upon seeing Abbendis, it leapt at her, surprising her and pinning her to the ground. She cried out in rage and struggled, and threw the ghoul off her.

Abbendis got up, her face a mask of fury and insanity. “Now I’ll show you the real power of the Onslaught!”

Abbendis’ hands began to glow with golden light, and she flung a bright ball of light at the ghoul. The light struck the ghoul and it was sent flying through the painted window of the cathedral. As snow from outside poured into the cathedral, Abbendis turned to Jake, and with another blast Jake was knocked off his feet.

The pain was immense. It felt as if a raging fire had burned him. Abbendis walked over to him and prepared to deal the killing blow.

Abbendis’ lips curled into a contemptuous sneer, and Jake saw in her eyes a combination of hate, mockery, and disgust. Abbendis brought her hachet down, and abruptly stopped as a sword punched through her chest.

Abbendis stared down in shock and horror at the sword and dropped her hatchet. The blood drained from her face and Abbendis fell to her knees. She turned around to look at Rachel. “You…bitch…”

Jake retrieved his runeblade from the ground as Rachel gasped and let go off her sword, leaving it impaled in Abbendis’ chest.

Jake looked down at the dying Abbendis, and for a moment he toyed with the idea of raising her into undeath to make an ultimate mockery of her.

No, Jake thought. A monster like Abbendis can never be allowed to walk the earth again, undead or living.

“This is your end, Abbendis,” he informed her, and cleanly hacked off her head.

Jake dropped his blade and hugged Rachel. “It’s over.” He told her. “It’s over.”



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