Set in the World of Warcraft Universe, this is a tale about 2 young lovers in the Scarlet Crusade torn apart by fate and death.


Jake is a young and kind-hearted member of the Scarlet Crusade who falls in love with his childhood friend Rachel, but the two of them are eventually torn apart when Jake is killed and raised into undeath, eventually becoming one of the Forsaken.

However, their paths eventually cross yet again...


5. The Forsaken



For the next few weeks, Jake roamed the Plaguelands, feeding on wild plants and the occasional wild animal that crossed his path. He spent most of his days hiding in caves or deserted houses, overwhelmed by grief and sadness, avoiding contact with any humans or undead.

Eventually Jake slowly came to accept his undeath, and he wondered why he still retained his free will even though he was now one of the undead.

Jake eventually wandered west into Tirisfal, and he was attacked by a small group of undead only moments after setting foot into Tirisfal.

“Don’t kill him!” Their leader yelled as the undead surrounded Jake. “Capture him!”

Jake didn’t have the strength to fight back, and the undead quickly subdued him and bound him with shackles. Jake was surprised by how organized and disciplined they were. These undead were a far cry from the Scourge he had seen in the Plaguelands.

The band of undead dragged Jake back towards the ruins of the Capital City. As they got closer, Jake was reminded of the day when he fled the city, and wondered why these undead were taking him there.

The band of undead dragged Jake the city, and Jake was surprised to find elevators inside the city buildings. They took one such elevator down, and Jake was even more surprised to find an entire thriving city when he emerged from the elevator. Jake gaped in awe at the men and women inside the city, all undead, all like him, going about their day to day business in the trade center of the city, which was shaped in a circular pattern. Jake continued to gape in awe as he was forcefully brought around the city.

They arrived at a small alcove leading into a dark corridor after many twists and turns, which Jake could not keep track of. The leader of the undead dismissed the guards there, and as they left, he turned to Jake.

“My apologies for that rude welcome,” he said, introducing himself. “My name is Aleric Hawkins. I’m sorry for capturing you like that just now, but we had to be sure that you were not one of the Scourge.”

“What’s your name?” Aleric paused for a second, then stared at Jake. “You can speak, right?”

Jake opened his mouth to reply, but only throaty sounds came out when he tried to form words. He hadn’t spoken a single word for weeks. He tried again, and managed to speak properly this time.

“M-m-my name is J-Jake…” he told Aleric.

“Good.” Aleric was pleased. “I have someone I’d like you to meet.”

He led Jake down the corridor, and they arrived at a dark chamber, also circular, with a raised dais in the middle. There were armed guards all around the room. Aleric led Jake up the steps to the dais, and Jake could feel the eyes of everyone in the room on him. If his body could still break into a nervous sweat, it would be doing that.

Standing in the middle of the dais was a tall, regal looking, and beautiful elf dressed in black leather, although her skin was pale as white. Her haunting eyes glowed bright red and Jake couldn’t help but feel simultaneously awed and intimidated by her very presence. It was clear that she was undead too.

Aleric told Jake to wait at the edge of the dais while he went up to the elf and whispered to her. After conversing for a while, she beckoned Jake forward. Jake awkwardly walked up to her.

“I am Lady Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen of the Forsaken.” The elf introduced herself. Her voice was high-pitched and haunting.

Jake had no idea what the Forsaken or a Banshee Queen was.

“You have retained your free will?” Sylvanas asked, scrutinizing Jake from head to toe with her crimson elven eyes that seemed to constantly draw Jake into their depths.

Jake nodded, and a thin flicker of a smile crossed Sylvanas’ elegant lips.

“Excellent. That means his power continues to grow weak.” Sylvanas murmured. She looked straight into Jake’s eyes. “Tell me about yourself.”

Jake cleared his throat before telling Sylvanas about his life, from his birth to his induction to the Scarlet Crusade, till his eventual death.

When he had finished, Sylvanas nodded, impressed. “Your knowledge and skills will be useful to the Forsaken,” she stated. Her words were chilling, and yet Jake found a certain warmth and comfort in the lull Sylvanus’ eerie voice.

Sylvanas waved a hand around. “The men and women in this city are all like you. Once citizens of Lordaeron, they were killed by the Scourge and raised as undead. I myself suffered the same fate at the hands of Arthas.”

Sylvanas’ eyes narrowed and anger flashed across her countenance.

“As the Lich King weakened and lost control of his undead minions, I was among the first to regain my free will. I freed these men and women from Arthas’ control, but still, we are shunned by those who once loved us, rejected and even downright hated by the living; even though we are nothing like the Scourge. And that is why we call ourselves the Forsaken!”

“And what is in store for the Forsaken then? For…us?” Jake asked respectfully.

Sylvanas smiled. “We will make the Scourge pay for getting us into this sorry state. And then, we shall reclaim Lordaeron, our home. We are the Forsaken! We will slaughter anyone who stands in our way.”

Sylvanas raised a gloved hand, and Aleric stepped forward. “If I may, my Queen, I shall show our newcomer around the Undercity.”

Sylvanas nodded and dismissed them. Aleric and Jake bowed and left Sylvanas’ chamber.


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