Set in the World of Warcraft Universe, this is a tale about 2 young lovers in the Scarlet Crusade torn apart by fate and death.


Jake is a young and kind-hearted member of the Scarlet Crusade who falls in love with his childhood friend Rachel, but the two of them are eventually torn apart when Jake is killed and raised into undeath, eventually becoming one of the Forsaken.

However, their paths eventually cross yet again...


2. The Crusade



Rachel and Jake followed Abbendis and his men as they traveled around the Plaguelands, killing small packs of undead and getting more people to join them. Eventually, Abbendis formed the Scarlet Crusade, and Rachel and Jake both joined the Crusade, having both lost their parents to the Scourge. They took an oath under the Crusade to take it upon themselves as their holy mission to to destroy all the undead in Lordaeron and reclaim their homes.

At the age of 16, the two of them were stationed at the town of Hearthglen in the Western Plaguelands, a short ride away from the now-deserted Capital City, while Abbendis left for Tyr’s Hand, the headquarters of the Crusade, to oversee its operations in the eastern half of the Plaguelands.

For the next 4 years, Rachel and Jake continued training in the Western Plaguelands, occasionally being sent to the Scarlet Monastery to further their training. By the time they were both 20 years old, they had become accomplished fighters, and both had been promoted to the rank of Captain.

Rachel and Jake were inseparable during these few years. They spent almost every waking moment together, looking out for each other. Inevitably, they fell in love with each other.

Jake made a vow to Rachel one day when they were resting atop a small hill, that he would marry her when their mission was complete and all the undead were eradicated.

Rachel laughed and agreed, and the two lovers were happy together.


A few days after Jake’s “proposal”, urgent orders arrived from Tyr’s Hand that Rachel and Jake were to take a handful of crusaders and proceed to Tyr’s Hand without delay. Puzzled, Jake and Rachel did as they were told and immediately set out for Tyr’s Hand with a contingent of crusaders.

Their journey was uneventful, and after a long day’s journey, Jake and Rachel arrived at Tyr’s Hand.

As soon as they arrived, they were ordered to report to the basilica immediately. Curious, Jake and Rachel left their men at the barracks and headed to the basilica, where they found a young woman with a beautiful face kneeling before the altar.

The woman stood up as they entered and turned to face them.  Her puffy red eyes and tear stained face told Jake and Rachel that she had been crying. Despite that, the woman still gave off an air of stern authority.

“Welcome,” the woman said tersely. “My name is Brigitte Abbendis. You might be wondering why I ordered you to report to Tyr’s Hand.”

Jake and Rachel both nodded, remaining silent.

“Look outside.” Abbendis pointed at something outside the front window of the basilica. Rachel and Jake looked out and saw a Scourge Necropolis floating in the sky. They gasped in surprise.

“That,” Abbendis spat, “is Naxxramas. It appeared in the skies one week ago. It is the dread fortress of the vile lich Kel’thuzad.” Abbendis said every word with hate. Before Jake or Rachel could say anything, she continued.

“A few days ago, the combined forces of Baron Rivendare and Kel’Thuzad descended upon Tyr’s Hand. We managed to fight the Scourge off, but it cost us many men. My father himself died in the attack.”

Jake and Rachel gasped simultaneously. They both had great respect for the older Abbendis and his sudden death came as a shock to them.

“I’m sorry to hear-” Rachel began, but Abbendis cut her off with a dismissive wave of her hand.

“I did not ask you here for your sympathy, Captain.” Abbendis snapped. “My father’s death is unfortunate, but we have no time for mourning. The Scourge will not give us time to mourn. In his absence, I have assumed command of the Scarlet Crusade.”

Abbendis’ eyes bore into Jake’s eyes. “We fought off the Scourge once, but we can’t do it forever. The solution is simple: We put them down, before they destroy us. That is why the both of you are here. To destroy Naxxramas. Simple as that. Do I make myself sufficiently clear?”

“Understood, General,” Rachel answered, keeping her eyes averted from Abbendis. Jake took her cue and answered as well. “Yes, General.”

Abbendis nodded. “Meet me at the gates in an hour. Let me…show you around the Eastern Plaguelands. You’ll find it harsher than what you’re used to in the Western Plaguelands.”

Jake and Rachel both acknowledged Abbendis, bowed, and left the basilica.


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