Set in the World of Warcraft Universe, this is a tale about 2 young lovers in the Scarlet Crusade torn apart by fate and death.


Jake is a young and kind-hearted member of the Scarlet Crusade who falls in love with his childhood friend Rachel, but the two of them are eventually torn apart when Jake is killed and raised into undeath, eventually becoming one of the Forsaken.

However, their paths eventually cross yet again...


3. Clash of Ideals



Jake and Rachel arrived at the gates of Tyr’s Hand early, and settled down to wait for Abbendis.

“I can’t believe he’s dead. Her father. Gone, just like that,” Jake piped up to break the silence. “He was a good man.”

“We owe him our lives,” Rachel agreed. “But I can’t believe his daughter can be so indifferent to her father’s passing. I know I couldn’t…” Rachel murmured, thinking about her own parents, lost to undead monstrosities.

“I’m sure that’s her own method of coping,” Jake reasoned. “We all lost our parents to the Scourge.”

“Indeed,” Abbendis interrupted them, coming up to them on a horse, flanked by guards on each side. “And that is why the Scourge must be destroyed. The undead are a perversion on our world, and the Crusade will not stop until every last one of the undead are ground to dust!”

Abbendis paused, recovering from her fanatic rant, then continued on. “Come, let us depart. The Plaguelands are dangerous when night falls.”

Jake and Rachel mounted their horses and followed Abbendis out into the Plaguelands.

Abbendis headed north, and soon they came upon a lone tower standing in the midst of the bleak landscape. Abbendis pulled out a map and showed it to Jake and Rachel. On it, they could clearly see 4 towers marked by red circles.

“There are four of these towers in the Plaguelands,” Abbendis said, pointing at it on her map. “They’ll make good forward camps against the Scourge. Secure the tower for the Crusade.”

Abbendis, Jake, and Rachel started towards the tower in the distance. They arrived after 15 minutes and dismounted outside. They tied their horses to a rotting tree nearby and Abbendis instructed her guards to watch over their horses. Jake and Rachel approached the tower. Jake held up his hand and stopped as they drew closer to the tower.

“I hear something. Inside.” He said. He drew his sword and slowly crept up to the tower. Abbendis and Rachel followed suit. Jake waited outside the entrance, listening for any more sounds. He didn’t hear any more sounds, so he darted inside, sword at the ready.

The inner chamber of the tower was empty and Jake started up the stairs towards the back room of the tower as Abbendis and Rachel entered. Jake pushed open the door of the back room and was met with an ear-piercing scream.

The scream originated from a woman, around thirty years of age. The woman was cowering against the wall, clutching a baby tightly. The woman was hysterical and in tears. Jake could see wounds all over her body, and her clothes were tattered and bloodied. The baby started to cry.

“Don’t hurt us!” She pleaded, a pitiful sight “Please! Help us, we haven’t had anything to eat for 3 days!”

Jake lowered his sword. “Calm down. We won’t hurt you.”

The sight of the woman clutching her baby protectively reminded Jake of his own mother, who had died to protect him. A single tear formed at the corner of his eye. He began to step towards them.

Abbendis’ eyes narrowed into menacing slits. “Stop,” she ordered Jake. He turned and looked at her in bewilderment. The mother looked at Abbendis, a terrified look crossing her face.

“What’s the matter, High General?” Rachel asked, also confused.

“She’s infected,” Abbendis spat out. “She’s no different from one of them. If we allow her to live, she will become one of the undead.” Abbendis shook her head. “Kill her.”

Jake shook his head in horror at the thought. “No! We can help her, find a cure for her!”

“This is an order, Captain!” Abbendis yelled at Jake. “I begin to question your loyalty to our cause.”

“No,” Jake vehemently protested, “I refuse to kill the innocent.”

“Then I shall do it myself,” Abbendis said, drawing her sword. “Weak-minded fools.” Abbendis started towards the petrified mother, preparing to swing her sword.

Jake immediately drew his own sword and struck Abbendis’ sword hard, changing the direction of Abbendis’ swing. The sword missed the mother by inches.

“I’m sorry, High General, but I can’t watch you do this.” Jake told Abbendis.

Abbendis was outraged. The look on her face was pure fury. “Traitor! If you do not have the strength to do what must be done, then you are no different from any of the Scourge! Whoever does not stand with us, stands against us!”

Jake looked at Rachel, his eyes pleading for help. Rachel stood at the doorway, struck speechless by this turn of events. Abbendis followed Jake’s eyes and smiled.

“Guards!” Abbendis hollered, and her men immediately ran into the room.

“Make sure the infected scum do not escape, while I put down this traitorous dog! And if Captain Pureblood so much as lifts a finger to help them, kill her as well!”

Her men grabbed Rachel and restrained her, while Abbendis leapt at Jake, as swift as a tiger, trying to impale him with her sword.

Instinct took over, and Jake jumped to the side and parried her blow. Abbendis instantly spun around for another strike, and Jake barely managed to block it in time. Abbendis’ sword struck Jake’s again and the force of her blow made his teeth rattle.

Abbendis immediately pivoted on her heel and delivered a harsh kick to Jake’s solar plexus. Jake staggered back and Abbendis continued with a powerful backhand to his face. Jake felt some of his teeth come loose as her hand connected with his cheek. He tasted blood in his mouth.

“Help me, Rachel!” Jake pleaded.

Abbendis only laughed. “Do not even think about it, Captain. Treason will be met with death!”

Desperate, Jake lunged forward with his blade, but Abbendis parried it and punished him with a punch to the face. Abbendis laughed again.

“My father told me that the two of you were promising fighters. How disappointing. You’re nothing but an overrated amateur,” Abbendis taunted.

Jake cursed in frustration and advanced again. Abbendis parried all of his strikes and grabbed his wrist and twisted it, breaking it. Rachel winced at the sound of bone snapping as Jake dropped his sword and clutched his wrist in pain. Abbendis grabbed Jake’s hair and pulled him close to her, staring into his eyes.

“You would never have lasted long against the Scourge anyway,” Abbendis whispered, and plunged her sword into Jake’s gut.

Jake let out a sharp gasp of pain and Abbendis released him. Jake fell to the floor and curled up into a fetal position.

“Jake!” Rachel yelled and headbutted her guards, stunning them and breaking free. Rachel dashed over to his side. Jake’s breath came out in short gasps.

“I’m sorry, Jake, I’m so sorry,” Rachel whispered to him, in tears. She tore off a piece of her shirt and used it to bandage Jake’s wound.

Abbendis walked over to the mother and her child, and coldly killed both of them without a word.

“I tried,” Jake whispered to Rachel.

“I know,” Rachel whispered back, tears flowing down her cheeks. “I’m sorry I didn’t do anyth-”

Rachel was interrupted as Abbendis appeared behind them and pressed her bloody sword to Rachel’s throat. Rachel froze, terror crossing her face.

“Captain,” Abbendis said, “sympathizing with the weak, are we?”

“N-No, General.” Rachel answered slowly, her gaze never wavering from the sword on her throat.

“I give you one chance to prove your loyalty to the Crusade, Captain,” Abbendis said emotionlessly. “Say your goodbyes and finish this traitor off. Do not make me wait, Captain.”

Abbendis sheathed her sword and left the room with her guards.

Relief crossed Rachel’s face as Abbendis left, but it soon faded. She drew her own sword. A look of alarm crossed Jake’s face.

“Don’t worry,” Rachel assured him. “I’m not a cold-blooded monster like her.”

Rachel walked over to the corpses of the mother and child, and knelt down. She grimaced as she applied their blood all over the blade of her sword. The grim task done, she returned to Jake.

“I’ll find help for you,” Rachel promised Jake. “I’ll be back.”

Jake smiled, and coughed up blood. “Don’t bother. You can’t risk Abbendis finding out that you let me go…I’ll find help on my own. Don’t worry…”

Rachel nodded reluctantly, and stood up to leave.

“I love you,” Jake blurted out. Rachel stopped in her tracks and a new barrage of tears escaped her. She turned back to Jake and knelt beside him, and hugged him.

“I’ll miss you, Jake,” Rachel said, crying. “I love you too.”

She kissed him long and hard, then stood up again. Rachel wiped her tears again, and with great difficulty managed to pull herself away from him and leave.


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