Lost Love, Lost Life

Dr. Harold White was so enthralled by the unusual migration of birds, he packed up his entire family to move to a deserted island, where he could study in peace. His wife dropped everything, in hopes the research would bring big bucks, and agreed to home-school their daughter, Carla, for the sake of science. However, 14 years after travel, when Carla is 16, a terrible storm on the seas not only wrecks the White's own boat for travel purposes, but also shipwrecks another vessel carrying four people. Carla immediately strikes up a relationship with the athletic high school student Davis, however if they do not contact homeland soon, their stranded lives will all come to an end.


2. Fairy-Tale Disaster

I swung my rugged rucksack over my left shoulder as I darted around the rocky bend descending down the slight slope. I hollered off into the distance, "COMING MOTHER!" midst my commotion. Down by the minuscule docking station on the south side of the tiny island, seagulls zipped to and fro, as my mother was unhooking the rusted chain. The boat sloshed against the salty sea water, and began drifting astray. Mother pleaded into the wind.

"Carla! Come quickly, my love!" 

In a daze, and while totally off guard, my foot twisted beneath a root jutting from the terrain. My bag went flying, and the contents spilled before me. I scrambled to gather everything, for I knew that the boat would drift off too far if I didn't hurry. There wasn't enough time.

A sudden burst of energy rained from the sky above, crackling through the perfect skies. And unexpected storm was brewing before our very eyes. 

"Damn..." my mother muttered. Without noticing, the boat had swayed way off track, to an unreachable distance. Gray clouds infiltrated the blue skies, something I thought only happened in fantasies. And I knew all too well what was to come next. And I feared it at the exact same time. Another sudden bolt pierced the skies, and landed before my mothers feet. In a daze, she flew backwards. I left my spilled bag to catch her limp body.

"The boat..." she murmured almost inaudibly. I peered up from the commotion, to notice it crashing against the rising waves. It was far too late.

I knew my life was going all downhill from there. Not another joyous moment would pass on the damned island again. 

Stranded. Alone. 

I watched as the boat collided with wave after murky wave.


...it drifted out of sight.

I dragged my mother towards our tiny cottage just around the eastern bend. The gulls began to caw frantically. A flock took off before my eyes. Stupid birds. My father rushed out of the house and aided me. My mother's eyes fluttered as her favorite sundress frolicked in the suddenly powerful winds. She always wore it when we left for mainland, that I knew.

"Dad..." I whispered, choking up. "Dad, we're stranded.... We're really alone now."

He sighed. "And just as I thought I had figured the birds out."

Of course...



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