Lost Love, Lost Life

Dr. Harold White was so enthralled by the unusual migration of birds, he packed up his entire family to move to a deserted island, where he could study in peace. His wife dropped everything, in hopes the research would bring big bucks, and agreed to home-school their daughter, Carla, for the sake of science. However, 14 years after travel, when Carla is 16, a terrible storm on the seas not only wrecks the White's own boat for travel purposes, but also shipwrecks another vessel carrying four people. Carla immediately strikes up a relationship with the athletic high school student Davis, however if they do not contact homeland soon, their stranded lives will all come to an end.


3. Day Four

That storm... it never left. Ever. The seas swirled with rage, the winds bombarded the walls. Rain poured down from the sky every moment. Our food supply was already low as it was, so rationing began. We each got one meal a day, no more.

My father tried desperately to contact the homeland, but fierce winds interjected the signal. Well, at least we would have each other for the last days of our lives.

Day four, of being trapped. That's when it happened. 

A thumping crash ravaged the coastline, causing another flock to take off. Each of us rushed outside. What greeted our eyes was a miracle. Well, not really. It was a now torn up boat, and a helpless family.


I rushed out to help them up. Tired and hungry, each panted rapidly. One of them was no larger than five. 

"What are you all doing on the seas in this storm?" my mother pondered. Too tired to speak, the father of the new family demanded for water as if it was the only thing he could say. We all knew there was barely enough liquid for us three alone, but we wouldn't deny them, for they needed to survive just as we did.

After taking them into our shelter and allowing them to rest, they unraveled their stories.

After learning news of a family member growing ill, the Mason family left their island home to find the nearest airport. Without checking for conditions or anything, the four got trapped within the storm that plagued the sea. Lost for a full day, the boat tumbled and twirled until it finally reached out island.

"There were five of us..." a tall, muscular boy no older than Carla spoke. "Sophie, she was Finn's twin. They're both 5. She flew overboard and, not knowing how to swim..." he paused. "Anyways, I'm Davis Mason."

The mood of the room dropped rapidly. Everyone grew silent. 

"We'll say a prayer," whispered my father. "For Sophie."

We all dispersed, the Mason's to rest some more, my father and I to ration the food into smaller piles, and my mother to tend to their every need. Their mother, Belinda, was seriously injured so it was my mother's job to cater to her. 

It was such a sad day. But I knew one thing... Davis was hot!


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