Lost Love, Lost Life

Dr. Harold White was so enthralled by the unusual migration of birds, he packed up his entire family to move to a deserted island, where he could study in peace. His wife dropped everything, in hopes the research would bring big bucks, and agreed to home-school their daughter, Carla, for the sake of science. However, 14 years after travel, when Carla is 16, a terrible storm on the seas not only wrecks the White's own boat for travel purposes, but also shipwrecks another vessel carrying four people. Carla immediately strikes up a relationship with the athletic high school student Davis, however if they do not contact homeland soon, their stranded lives will all come to an end.


1. Why?

When I asked myself the same question, my mind went blank. There was no possible way to comprehend the decision my dad made that shattered my life into a billion tiny pieces. You would think he would at least slightly consider the future of his own daughter... Whatever. The fact of the matter is now I'm stuck on a deserted island so my dad can stare at seagulls all day. Yeah, birds. Whoop-dee-doo. Maybe if he was studying jaguars or African elephants I would accept my fate, but really? Damned birds?

 Since that day, which is only jigsaw pieces in my mind, I've been stranded. I left behind a social life, any chance of being a somebody, and most importantly: Guys! As shocking as it may sound, THERE ARE NO BOYS ON DESERTED ISLANDS!

Sorry, rage kicked in. 

Its not like I can go back. Not only are we nearly 100 miles away from any civilization, but I don't even have a boating license. Oh, and if I did I would hi-jack that boat and dart right off the coastline. I'm not sure I would say goodbye to my parents. My bonehead mother who thinks we're gonna be rich, and my "professor" of a father. I use that term sarcastically because so far, in my 16 years of existence, he's discovered NOTHING.

Maybe I'm being too harsh, or maybe my family needs a wake up call. But again, I ask myself "Why?"




Anyways, Dianne, my mother, said stock was running low, as we gather a plethora of necessities before sitting on our asses all day. We were going to make that trip back to homeland the upcoming weekend. 

Why didn't we do it sooner?

She said the skies were clear, and no clouds were in sight...

Why couldn't we have internet to check the weather?

My dad asked me if I could bring him back some ingredients for a new birdseed he was creating.

Why couldn't I have a normal family?

And... Most importantly:

Why did my life have to get so much more complicated than it already was?


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