Moon council

A Night Elf priest must find her way with her own personal battles and memories as she struggles to keep moving forward with her companions. There is never enough time to sort her troubles out as battles command her presence in the here and now and not in the past.


1. Moon Council

I hold the letter in my hand and look at it with disbelief. Grief consumes my soul. How could this happen? How could my own sister forsake her duty as a priestess of Elune and slay our uncle? I would rather die than to kill a family member just to prove my worth of survival of the transformation from a living priestess serving the Sisters of Elune than to transform into a Death Knight. How can I forgive her? Looking up from the letter I see the honor in the eyes of the Death Knight who stands before me. He is one of my trusty companions in this war. Did he do this as well? Did he slay a loved one just so he could be standing here today? I heal this man through every battle we fight to bring us closer to the Lich King. Is my sister fighting with someone else clutching to what little remains of her honor? Or does she seek out the death of everyone who crosses her path? And what of this rogue who has also become a battle companion? Does he have any honor or is he only fighting for the spoils of war? Is this what is to become of me? To be consumed with grief and the loss of honor just to fight the Lich King?

Closing my eyes I send a prayer to Elune. Whispering quietly “Elune…guide me and light my path in this time of darkness. Wash my way with the light of the moon and bless me with each ray that touches my skin. Forgive my sister for taking the life of an innocent man…a man of our own blood. Give me strength and enlightenment to deal with her when the time comes. Bless my companions and the company of men and women this night as we prepare for battle. And bless me with your powers to keep them alive long enough to finish this war.” Opening my eyes I look at my two trusty companions, who have never let me down, each of them sharpening their blades as they prepare for the battle on the morn. I fold the letter up and tuck it safely among my belongings and push aside all thoughts of my family. There is no time for grief. The moment before battle is here. I close my eyes and prepare myself.

The pale icy blue colors around us make the world seem as if we are wrapped up in a blanket of blue mist. Pain and darkness mix with the cold of the blue ice all around us as spells flutter through my mind as quickly as I hear another thunderous clash of weapons around me.  As I stand, closing my eyes for a quick moment of prayer, I can still hear the screams of pain; smelling the blood and death around me. I can feel the heat of my own breath in the frozen air as I whisper spells and prayers to Elune for the mending of our wounds. I must not stop…I must keep my powers conserved and I must not stop my spells and prayers of healing for the men and women around me. Bandages are not enough for these wounds. Only a higher power can keep us alive in a battle such as this.

Pain…there is so much pain and suffering in this battle. The sounds of metal swords clashing upon each other draw my eyes to the sparks flying in the air; the stench of sweat and fear mingle with the sights before me. How much longer will this battle go on? I close my hand over my face just under my left eye. Pulling my hand away I can see blood smeared over my fingers. More pain…searing white hot pain consumes me. How can I feel burning heat in the gashes of my own wounds as the coldness consumes us? Dropping my hands from my face I let the wound bleed on. I must…I must not let my own wounds interfere with the healing of others. We must win this final battle. We must survive…and then there is darkness.

Gasping I awaken from the grip of the memories. I open my eyes and force myself to look at the crisp snow around me and to smell the salt water in the air. Sounds surround me. I hear the loading of ships while men and women work instead of battle cries and the slash of metal upon metal. The battle haunts me even as I stand awake. Will this haunt me forever? The Death Knight and Rogue who have become a part of me look at me with concern in their eyes. My companions say nothing as we stand there waiting to board the ship that will carry us to Auberdine and then to Stormwind. Rest is what we need. The wounds we carry are deeper than our flesh and home is where we seek to rest. We must stand before our people and show courage now that the deed is done.  We board the ship that will carry us home and we stash our belongings carefully away. Silence consumes us as our thoughts drift to the memories of this war and its final battle. Rest…we just need to rest and heal. And so I climb into my hammock and close my eyes again. The gentle swaying of the ship lulls me to blessed sleep.


Waking suddenly as a swell knocks me from my hammock I open my eyes and see my companions also rising from the floor of the ship. Confusion on all of our faces, we rush to the deck of the ship to see what has befallen us now. What could it be? Have we hit a storm? Will this delay our trip home to seek blessed rest and relief from the terrors in our minds? Reaching the deck we see the dark waters swirling in torrents of crashing waves against the ship. They sky is not a beautiful blue any longer but is streaked with fire and is dark with the color of blood. The energy in the air is tense and my companions reach for their weapons by instinct. Something is wrong.

Whispers and questions become shouts full of fear as we realize we should have reached the shores of Darkshore by now. But where is the town? We can smell the burning embers in the air as our eyes search the shoreline nearby. The shore is covered with a thick mist. As our ship moves closer we realize the shore isn’t covered with a mist of fog but rather with smog moving over the port town of Auberdine. The closer we go the more cries for help we hear. The coldness of Northrend is completely gone and all we can feel is scorching heat in the air. Despite the heat I shiver with the anticipation of a battle about to commence. We board smaller boats that carry us to shore so we may begin to help the citizens of Auberdine. Pain…I can feel the pain of Auberdine’s people.

We reach the shore and realize most of the battle is already over. There is nothing left but the ravaged buildings, wounded people, and of course the dead. Many of us on the ship are not new to the sights before us. My companions and I begin to pick our way throughout the chaos in hopes of helping those who are still alive. Other people aboard the ship we arrived on begin to help my companions and me as we seek to heal the wounded and gather them to safety. Sentinels explain that we must move the people north to Lor’danel.

Struggling for hours on end we load those who cannot walk or ride onto boats to float north along the shoreline to Lor’danel. Some citizen’s refuse to leave and are seen shifting through the rubble in hopes of finding precious belongings in the wreckage of the town.  We can hear a smattering of fighting going on as citizen’s stumble upon those who have ravaged the town. This battle is over. There is no need to continue sporadic fighting. We must regroup and gather our intelligence and prepare again.

We work diligently, quietly, and quickly to form a triage once we reach Lor’danel. I set to work giving first aid to those in need and weave spells of healing with my prayers to Elune. My companions begin to dig graves and lay to rest those who were slain. Hours turned into days as we struggled to put to rights what was sundered. After days of the chaos I find myself sitting with my companions seeking nourishment for our bodies and praying for sustenance for our souls. With soft voices to each other we discuss our new concerns and questions about our people and our land. Something must be done. As we talk amongst ourselves others begin to listen and to give their thoughts and advice. I look around and I see all the diverse people grouped up around us. I see a common thought and gleam in each of their eyes. I look once more to my companions and I see the honor I seek in the depths of their gazes.

Looking deeply into the Death Knight's soul I think of my sister once more and realize I must forgive her and I must find her before it is too late. I speak again with unwanted leadership commanding the presence of everyone about. We cannot let this happen. We fought too hard. Our lands and our peoples deserve peace. We deserve to have time to grieve for our losses. None of this can be finished until we rise again and seek out the power that has threatened our world once more. We unite; we form up and call ourselves the Moon Council.

Wearily I look to my companions again. After many battles we need not speak to each other to know what is being thought. There is no need for many words as our path is clear. We fought hard to end a war only to find ourselves with something new and horrible on the horizon.  But we are strong and we are bonded together. We will carry on and lead others to battle. We will take back our lands and return what was taken to our people. We will fight again.


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