Simply a Warrior

WoW fan fic. Very Short.


1. The Beginning

          I awoke one day and a simple thought passed through my mind; I do not want to be a farmer. By father was a farmer, as was his father. For generations we have been working the fields, recently in by the abbey in Northshire. I was a child then, not quite 11. I continued to work with my father, but when ever there was a moment of spare time I would search for skilled fighters, wise sorcerers, and cunning men of all kinds. I found no skill for the arcane, I could not bend the fel energies to my will, the light never answered my prayers, and I was to loud and bulky to hide from sight. However, I could wield a blade better than many. I would get in duels with others, most oft for entertainment, never out of insult, where I would win through brute force and not finesse. 

          I was 13 when I decided that I would become a soldier in the Stormwind army, fighting against the Horde for glory and fame. My father scoffed at such thoughts, reminding me that I was a farmer's boy who would farm, and spawn more farmer's boys. He always smiled when he talked spite of my dream. I would always leave home and practice my skills with weaponry of all sorts, burning off the anger at his disbelief in me. This was my life for years. I continued to farm with my family, practice with friends and by myself, and sleep, continuing for years until I turned 19. This was when the nearby goldmine was overrun by kobolds; dirty, ratlike creatures, and the Defias had entered our valley, as well as securing footholds across all of Elwynn Forest. 

          I awoke one morning after the events. I rolled off my bed and grasped my blade along a well used hilt. I walk out of my room, down the stairs, and out the door. My head held high. My heart races. My senses sharpen. I turn to my right and see a Stormwind soldier asking for aid. I take my first few paces towards him and my heart slows, and with it so does time. I see myself, a mere warrior of meagre lineage, becoming more than just a simple soldier. I see myself in an audience with the king; I stand atop a mound of corpses, both those of allies and enemies, a battered survivor willing to fight on; I stand at the corpse of great threats to the world, giant dragons, powerful wizards, legions of demons; I stand atop the world, one of a handful to fight beside, and even surpass, the great legends of Azeroth; I see myself, a simple man, writing his name in the history of this world along side the likes of Lothar, Grom, Medivh, Thrall, the Aspects, and more.

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