The Story of the House of Mirkblood, their Allies, and their adventures in the World of Warcraft.


1. The Origins.

Before we begin to tell the Horde and the Alliance in the mystical land of Pandaria, we must first, retrace our steps, back into the lives of our heroes, and how they've helped shape the story of Azeroth. But, where are my manners, FIRST, I must introduce the family to you!

----------------------------------------------------------------<The House of Mirkblood>-------------------------------------------------------------------

A proud warrior of the light, one of the few Blood Elves to walk the path of the light, without draining the powers of the Naaru Mu'ru. He showed a disposition to armed fighting, specially with sword and shield. Oldest son of Tenris Mirkblood, and El'la Mirkblood, heir of the house of Mirkblood, "Prince" Tenaris Mirkblood showed some of his skill in combat during the Illidari Wars, and in the fight, against the Amani Trolls, when Quel'Thalas was endangered by the return of Zul'Jin. Champion of the Frozen Wastes, Defender of a Shattered World. These are some of the tittles he earned for his valorous deeds...But none compared, to what he had to do, in the begining of his journey in Northrend....

Vauric Mirkblood was never an Elf of many words...He always felt at the shadow of his brother, who recommended he did not join the ranks of the Blood Knights, for he always said, he was not ready. Seeking to prove himself, he set out to Deatholme...and he failed. Raised by Dar'Khan Drathir, he was sent to Acherus: The Ebon Hold, for training, he quickly became of the Lich King's favored knight after the assault on Havenshire and New Avalon, and was amongst the Highlord, Darion Mograine himself when he led the Scourge against Light's Hope Chapel, and Highlord Tirion Fordring. Once he found the light, he found his brothers once again, and changes, in the Horde. He journeyed to Northrend with the same though as his Ebon brethren in his mind: Vengeance. He battled in Naxxramas, Ulduar, aside his brothers, and participated in the Argent Games, in representation of the Knights of the Ebon Blade. He was present in the slaying of the Lich King....and has laid low since then, training, only responding to the call of his brothers for the journey into Pandaria.

Named after the Sunstrider Prince, due to his father's close relationship to him, Kael'thas Mirkblood is a powerful Mage, master of the Arcane, unlike his namesake, he refused to be a Blood Mage, and decided to delve into the unknown, to explore and learn all that is possible. He's ventured into Karazhan and learned the secrets of the Guardian's Library, the Inventor's Library, entered the Celestial Planetarium, braved the Halls of Origination, he was even allowed into the Royal Library in Stormwind for a short time, all in search for new secrets in the Arcane...And much has he learned. Like many, he can manipulate time to his will, something only the elite of magi can do. He's read about Pandaria, and he is more than looking forward to seeing it's libraries.

---------------------------------------------------------<The Two Trolls>---------------------------------------------------------


Many of the Darkspear Trolls are amazing hunters, having skilled marksmanship, and a natural connection with the wild beasts, but few have the skill, of a true Beast Master. Razkadashi is a proud Darkspear Troll, whose bow has been of great use to the House of Mirkblood during their travels. He's a valued family, and a very unexpected one, since trolls and elves don't usually get along well. He is a dedicated troll to his beasts, who he sees as his family. He's had the honor of learning from The Champion of the Horde himself, Rexxar, as few have, and he has explored the whole world. He's very passionate about the Horde, as they gave him a home, and a reason to his people, and is very upset against the Warchief, being almost fanatical about Vol'Jin. He's accompanied Tenaris, through many challenges, and all, working together, they've been able to move on forward and now, Pandaria looks like a land full of life, life he means to tame.


What can be said about Chazzak? A loa priest, he hasn't had much time for exploration, in fact, he hasn't done much. Always keeping to himself, the younger brother of Razkadashi hasa big shadow to come out from. And he is planning to do it. With the Cataclysm striking, much has changed around the world, and while his big brother and his allies venture in saving the world, he has dedicated himself to finding out the history of his people, and making a name for himself in all over Azeroth.


----------------------------------------------------------<The Lone Wolf>--------------------------------------------------------


Heimir Serhas is a curious case. He was raised by a rich family in Gilneas, he was trained by the sword since he was a child. His family was very affected by the creation of the Greymane Wall, as this severed their trading routes with Lordaeron and Quel'Thalas, causing the family fortune to crash down into the ground. Having been a member of an old exploration group to the North, his father, Vladimir Serhas, keeps his old armor for display when family came along. After the natural death of his parents, Heimir worked as hired muscle in bars around Gilneas. When the wall broke down, and the Forsaken invaded, Heimir retrieved his father's armor, his weaponry, and fought against the invaders. He hasn't shined as much as the House of Mirkblood, as he is new in this, "Exploration", he has, however, been present and contributed to the death of Cho'Gall, (reluctantly) aiding the House of Mirkblood and their allies. He knows the House of Mirkblood, when he traveled there to seal the deal, back when the Alliance included the Gilneans, and the Blood Elves. Both families were close, and there was always some sort of rivalry between Vauric and Heimir. With the current course of events, being forced to act together in some times, the conection between Heimir and the House of Mirkblood, is some remnant of the old Alliance...One he secretly hopes can happen again. He is tired of all the fighting, as he's been in many battlegrounds, but he is also a proud Gilnean, and respects his King very much, knowing him through the Gilnean Campaign. He knows of Pandaria, wishes to explore Pandaria, as he knows what happens there, will change the whole of Azeroth.

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