Change Me

Pandora is bullied for looking different. Dangerously skinny from lack of food at home, and very black hair, she get's called names like 'Vampire Child.' When she thinks all hope is lost, she meets Connor. She no longer cares what the other girls think. Can she trust Connor with her dreadful secret? The secret that her mum's an alcoholic and her dad walked out on her? When she thinks she finds truth, it slips away again.


3. Maisie Nicholson and the Cronies


I practically dragged myself to school. When I arrive, the first thing I see is Maisie Nicholson waiting near the gates. Waiting for me. So she can taunt me, kick me and laugh at me with the rest of her friends. Can’t wait.

I try to duck away and go through the other way at the back of school, but then she notices me and once again that mischievous gleam appears in her icy blue eyes.

“Good morning Bella Swan.” She sneers, grabbing a knot of flesh on my arm and twisting it as hard as she could.

Her stuck-up cronies laugh at this remark, and begin to crowd around me.

“L-leave me alone!” I say without any confidence whatsoever.

“Watch out Maisie! She’s going to attack! Quickly, grab the garlic!” Jokes Cronie #1.

Shoving hard past Maisie, I attempt to nurse the fresh bruise she helpfully just gave, when Cronie #2 sticks out her foot and trips me up. I fall to the ground and as I fall, my bag strap snaps and breaks. Pens and schoolbooks scatter on the concrete floor as Maisie laughs and stalks away, with the cronies falling into place behind her.

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