Change Me

Pandora is bullied for looking different. Dangerously skinny from lack of food at home, and very black hair, she get's called names like 'Vampire Child.' When she thinks all hope is lost, she meets Connor. She no longer cares what the other girls think. Can she trust Connor with her dreadful secret? The secret that her mum's an alcoholic and her dad walked out on her? When she thinks she finds truth, it slips away again.


2. Knowing


Pushing yellow-with-age newspapers and empty alcohol bottles out of the way, I opened our small fridge, only to find a block of hard cheese and a bottle of ketchup. How appetizing. I cut all of the hard parts off the cheese and eat a few cubes of the inside parts. With my unappealing uniform, dangerously skinny build and eclipse black hair, I looked like a vampire. That’s what people call me at school, anyway. Vampire child. Voodoo doll. Blood-sucker. The taunts kept me awake at night and my low self confidence locked behind my heart, as I am too weak to show them what they make me feel like. If only they knew. If they knew me. My life.


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