Change Me

Pandora is bullied for looking different. Dangerously skinny from lack of food at home, and very black hair, she get's called names like 'Vampire Child.' When she thinks all hope is lost, she meets Connor. She no longer cares what the other girls think. Can she trust Connor with her dreadful secret? The secret that her mum's an alcoholic and her dad walked out on her? When she thinks she finds truth, it slips away again.


4. Connor


Sighing reluctantly, I begin to pick up my pens and books. “Excuse me?” I look up and instantly find myself gazing into the beautiful azure blue eyes of a handsome boy. His soft, gentle-looking eyes encourage me to answer.

“M-me?” I stutter.

“Uh huh. I was wondering if you needed some help here?” He gestured towards the pieces of papers and books strung around the edge of the courtyard, where I seem to still be sat.

“Wow, uh, okay.”

He passes me a stack of books and as his soft hand accidently touches mine, electric shoots through my veins and paralyzes the pain I feel in my shin.

He smiles. “I’m Connor. I’m new here.” I realise he’s talking to me and flushing red, I reply, “Oh, I’m Pandora.”

As he walks away from me, the bag strap I had quickly knotted through the loop on my bag, snapped again and the contents of my bag, once again collided with the floor. I was too surprised about what had just happened to even care.

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